Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday date night outfit?

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Silk shirt that wrinkles if you look at it crosseyed Banana Republic
Vest with collar H&M
Pocket Watch Made from Mark lipgloss necklace
Denim trousers Gap
Peeptoe Oxfords Madden GIrl DSW (I remember why I hate cheap plastic shoes now....)
Glasses Chanel
New hair Joi Aveda

So I am "growing my hair out" basically I am tired of all over coloring it so is my hair. So my hair dresser took the top section of my hair basically above my ear all around and dyed it about a shade or two darker than the color of the rest of my hair. So that way she covered up the roots but didn't do an allover dye. it matches alarmingly well. Then she mixed two colors of highlights vibrant strawberry blonde and light blonde. She mixed up thick and very thin pieces as I said I like a bit more funk in my color. The way I part it makes it look totally different. And no one would ever know that if you pick up the underside of my hair I have inch long roots. She blended it soooo well. So basically over time I will be highlighting my own hair which highlights marvelously. It was a crap shoot dying over the red but it came out well. My hair is a trooper with bleach. ha. Its raining out so its all a bit limp. I promise a proper outdoor photo soon.
IMG_3101IMG_3115lipgloss pocket watch
I am very anxious for the weekend. I don't really have anything planned except for hanging with the husband and the cats and watching copious amounts of TV on dvd. I am using my blog as a platform today to ask my husband out on a date tonight. I know he gets email updates and I thought it would be funny/cute/obnoxious . So pizza, cupcakes and lots of Angel? That is one of my ideal date night scenarios.

Whats your ideal date night?

With husband going back to school in less than a month it means about 9 months of little interaction so I am trying to pack them in while we can.


Sal said...

The pocketwatch and chain? BEYOND fab.

Lemondrop Marie said...

Love your look, you look looooong and lean. As a really short person I need to take note!

hillary said...

how short? I am 5'3"!

Becky said...

Is this the same shirt that you complained about being a bit too tunic-y? If so, that was a GREAT solution with the vest! I need a vest...I've been looking for one, but my bubbies are making it a bit difficult :/ Right now, an ideal date night would be anything that involves someone not crazy and not stupid from the opposite sex....for a place as man-laden as NYC, I'm certainly having a time getting a date...hope your hubby snaps you up for one tonight! :)

hillary said...

I have ahem dd's and I find the only vests that look good on me are ones with LOTS of structure. (minor corset) and ones with a pull in the back so you can tighten it. H&M has some fantastic ones with structure this one was sold with the suits.

BAM said...

I was wondering when we'd see the hair cut! Looks cute.

hillary said...

I didn't cut it. Just colored. I can only handle one of those a year. Ha.

mamichan said...

you get to have date NIGHT? i'd be happy if aaron and i got the same day off once in a while. hasn't happened since memorial day!

hillary said...

Well it isn't likely to happen again til next may!
Restaurant wife. I feel ya. My cowrker is one. Nights of picking him up at 4 in the morning.

We both haVe 9 to 5ish jobs. That is on purpose. I used to work nights and weekends at my last job and we couldn't handle it anymore.

hillary said...

To be fair he hasn't said yes. Infact we haven't talked at all today. hrm.... Need to fix that.

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Your hair came out wonderful.

Clare said...

Super sexy outfit! Love it. It's perfect for an adorable date!!

Bianca said...

This is beautiful! I love the top and the vest!