Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Someday you will find everything you are looking for

Dress Diane Von Furstenburg (I got it for 72% off! and it has pockets!)
Black lace cami Banana Republic
Black skirt Kid's section at goodwill (I misplaced my full slip so this little skirt works perfectly under it)
Shoes Marc Jacobs (also insane sale)
Ring Peabody Essex Museum
Necklace Old Navy (its wood)
My dress is VERY hot pink in person. Its photographing red in the early morning light but its OMG hot pink in person.

I am all about the too many detail shots lately. Its not annoying is it? If your annoyed move along. :P
IMG_3851dis oneor thisIMG_3882
and one of me stumbling

I have close to $1,000 worth of clothes on today (shoes and jewelry included) and my total is less than 25% of all that. I am not saying that to brag, I am saying it to show you can wear designer clothes at less than Banana Republic prices. This all leads back to my I'd rather a few dresses that I invest in than a bunch of cheap ones I never end up wearing. I feel like a dream in this dress. Yes I will probably have to hand wash it. (100% cotton but its silky) and yes its a statement so I can't wear it every other day. But I can't even express how special I feel in it. I feel like we were meant to be besties. I wish I had this feeling with a $20 dress but ya know it will happen. hee. This is the most fucking shallow thing to say but the designers just FIT better to my body. I have an hourglass. I am big on top and ample in the bottom which leads me to having issues with the S, M, L sizing structure of many stores. I got a Large top, Small waist, Medium bottom. But with a wrap dress NONE of that is an issue.

There are a bunch of sites you can join to get be altered to sales by your favorite designers. Some you can even set up a search for a certain dress and it will tell you when it going on sale.

Rue La La
Gilt Groupe
Shop it to me (this is the site you can set up the search for a particular item)

Now I know I have talked about these sites before but they are really fantastic and I am all about letting people in on deals and secrets. Life is hard enough why not share your insider knowledge?

Who is your favorite designer ? (that you own or dream to own)

Kinda reachable but only on ubersale :
Nanette Leopore VERY girlie dresses in womanly cuts.
Marc Jacobs What can I say I love the man. I hear he wants to adopt. My mom will sign the papers today. Promise
Tory Burch Modern ladies who lunch at the club

Not reachable in my lifetime probably:
Chanel What can I say I am a sucker for the Jackie Kennedy pink tweed jacket and a leather quilted chain bag.
Dior 100% glamour been credited for creating the A-line look. (one I am fond of for my body)
Tom Ford Sexy. nuff said.

Edited to add. Someone kindly let me know my dress was on the Today show on Friday!


Becky said...

I don't have anything designer...I'm loving the Ralph Lauren wrap dress I splurged on though! I used to love Kay Unger, but once I was able to try some of her dresses on (at Loehmann's) the fits weren't quite right. Right now, Banana Republic is my high price threshold, but we'll see!

hillary said...

Ralph is designer love.

This dress was cheaper than Banana Republic which is INSANELY expensive and I can't afford. (Banana is 100 and UP for dresses I worked there and that was only time I could afford to shop there!)

hillary said...

But who do you love? Who do you look at and say I WANT. Thats what I want to know. When you see in a magazine and drool?

Becky said...

Oops! I meant to say, I didn't have anything designer until the Ralph Lauren dress I splurged on! I just let my ellipses go astray! Chanel for sure. And I vow to own a pair of Christian Louboutins one day. I'm more on the classic side of things. Calvin Klein, that sort of thing. (In which case, I forgot about the 2 CK dresses I own that I got for a steal at Daffy's! and the 1 I got from Loehmann''s easy to forget you have designer when you buy them at bargain places!)

Jess said...

You look AMAZING. That outfit is 100% pure awesome.

My favorite designers of the moment are DvF, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, along with unreachables like Chanel. Someday...someday...

Kelly said...

This dress is awesome!!!

I don't think I have anything designer...I am on RueLaLa and Gilt and I've made a few purchases so far, but nothing I would say is designer. I'm always wary of ordering from them because they are brands/designers I've never even tried on, so I just have absolutely no idea how they will fit on me.

julie mack said...

I want to steal that dress! I am crazy jealous that you found a DvF. it's like my dream to someday own one. i just can't bring myself to invest!

I try not to look at designer stuff because it just makes me wistful.

hillary said...

julie if it helps I didn't invest until I was 30.

Ms. B said...

Love the DVF dress as well as the Marc Jacobs shoes!


BAM said...

Thanks for the shopping tips! I'm in need of an updated style. I tend to rely on khakis a little too often (though the jewelry is usually interesting).

Ralph Lauren is a designer that I like - it's probably all that Khaki and tall waspy women. I can kinda fit that look easily since I'm blond, a little tall, and lacking curves, but I want to add more color and create some curves.

That's the direction I'm going towards lately....

Sal said...

The dress is DIVINE, lady. And that necklace? Off to see if I can nab one for myself ...

hillary said...

Sal sadly its a few years old. As a general (save a few things here and there) I have been "shopping my closet" the past few months.

anna said...

Oh girl, this is YOU. That dress is so wonderful, and your accessories are perfection! And that color! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I don't own a single piece of clothing that is designer. I do have some designer boots and shoes. I am also narrowing in on a Marc Jacobs bag.

I've been a shopittome subscriber, and GILT one (cause of YOU!), but I need to go and try on designer sizes- like you, I'm hourglass, but bigger and with a short waist and petite in height- so I'm really unsure of sizing. Maybe one day I will try on.

I gaze longingly into Nanette Lepore's store in my neighborhood.

mamichan said...

i've been wanting the butter by nadia wrap dress for years. $200+ seems ridiculous for a wrap dress tho.

i just got a DvF wrap top, perfect condition, for $30!!!

i heart marc too but his shoes and bottoms don't fit me.

hillary said...

I wear a 10 or 12 in Nanette if that helps any. I am a 8 at Gap and Banana and Ann Taylor (SOMETIMES but not often enough a 6)
I started march 08 with a marc bag then well it all went downhill.

thank you! I own maybe two khaki items. I personally find it hard to wear as a red head (yes I know its dyed but my natural is red as well) But I do really dig the ralph look. Khaki pants, white dress shirt and like a black ribbon as a belt. That is a look I can't pull off but COVET

Thanks I do too!

thank you!
Hit the sale racks now for summer stuff on sale! I wasn't looking for anything I was killing time while dave hit the lottery for classes at his school.

I have ordered two things from Gilt that didnt fit so I feel you. lordy do I feel you. I have a dress I spent over 100 dollars on and misread the return instructions and am stuck with it and it doesnt fit (hence the asking for minimizing help on greader!) thank you too!

Sal thanks!

Jess thank you and we are on the exact same page designer wise.

apparently I have a hard time with Marc too. I have TWO items I ordered that don't fit me. One I hoped to lose 5 and it fit the other is the one I need to figure how to wear as I am stuck with it. GAH. I will fit my DD's into that b cup dress if it kills me. I paid a stupid sum for it. thank you!!

Becky I forgot how much I love calvin! My mother in law bought me my first calvin item when I got engaged to her son. a matching undie set! I was mortified (I embarrass easily). She is such a prim church lady too! eek.

Milly said...

love the dress and the shoes!

Lesa said...

I LOVE Tracy Reece (SP?) Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs....As a teacher I will never see any of them in my closet.....

hillary said...

Lesa but that's my point. You can afford. I have bought marc Jacobs for $50. I make ahem under 40 grand and pay $1450 a month rent ( not much left over)
It's about saving for the investment piece instead of three target things and hitting sale racks.

Eyeliah SS said...

That dress is a lovely investment, so gorgeous!! i love her wrap dresses. Fav designer? Right now I love Rodarte.

Clare said...

You look incredible in this dress!!

Trish said...

Thanks for the tips, I went and signed up for Shop It To Me. Where I live, we don't *have* designer stores, and as everyone has been saying, it's such a chance to buy when you don't know how a particular designer sizes. I'll have to go shopping more when I travel!

Lisa said...

For dresses I've always lusted after Betsey Johnson cocktail dresses. Her collections are so fun and seem like dress up for adults.
I also constantly lust after Michael Kors bags. Maybe someday . . .

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I have close to $1,000 worth of clothes on today (shoes and jewelry included) and my total is less than 25% of all that. I am not saying that to brag,

I don't think you're bragging. If it were me, I'd wear a button stating that fact. lol.

Now when it comes to dream designers, I've gotten it narrowed down to:

Michael Kors because his clothes look so classic yet so luxe;

Ralph Lauren because I just like that all-American sportswear look (plus his Lauren by Ralph Lauren plus-sized clothes fit me well, at least the ones I tried on at Marshall's);


Liz Claiborne because, again, I just like the whole all-American prep look and the plus-sizes fit me really well.

Rachael said...

You look REALLY slim in that dress. Waifish, even.

Boutique Girl said...

Great dress - you look great!

hillary said...

boutique girl thank you!

rachael you know the way into my heart don't ya??

brooklyn shoe babe the button is being made right now!

eyeliah thank you! have you seen pics of the rodarte for target collection??!!

Lisa I did too Betsey that is but a friend of mine whom I trust her judgment over anyones told me her quality is always lacking in her garments. That they are not well constructed.

clare thanks doll!

milly thank you!