Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The shortest (dress) I ever wore.

The shortest thing I ever wore Forever 21
Cardigan (it has gathered sleeves. thats where the interesting ends) Ann Taylor
Shoes DSW
Necklace Marc Jacobs

Yeah this dress is SHORT I am kinda freaking out. Badly.

When I was little my best friend's mom was our Brownie leader. She was always very direct and didn't mince words. She treated me like her own daughter sometimes and put me in time out or what have you.( Her daughter E and I would get time out in different rooms in the library and we would knock out fake morse code on the walls to pass the time)
I thought she did this because she didn't like me. Turns out the reverse was true. She loved me. Once when we were older probably 22, we were in their kitchen talking about when we were little. (I have known her daughter since AHEM 1985?(4?) ) I said to her "I always thought you didn't like me as a kid" to which she replied. "Didn't like you?! I loved you! You were a fun little kid who was always outside the box. I don't think you knew you were supposed have a box." Now that is one of the best compliments I have ever had in my life. To some it might seem innocent but to me it makes all the things I do seem right some how. I like to remind myself of that comment on days where I get the "do what everyone else does or whats popular" feeling.
Why? I never did. Why start now?

Whats the best compliment you have ever gotten that might seem innocent to others?

I am not talking about when someone said you looked like a supermodel. I am talking about how someone said the gap in your teeth is why they fell for you. Or they love they way you write your w's. Something that TOUCHED you in a special way.


Anonymous said...

I have a lot of really big, dark freckles on my face in weird spots. And I've always worried people will think they are moles and I'm some sort of freak. But once my husband and I were talking and he was saying one thing that struck him about me when we first met was that I was the only person he'd ever met with freckles around their mouth. And he thought it was cute. So I try to be less critical of my freckles now.

Sarah said...

This is just a little silly thing, but it really made my day when my boyfriend said he liked my side ponytail a lot, and that it was cute!

hillary said...

Well I obviouslly have hundreds of orange freckles but I also have a couple darks small ones and one is on my bottom lip and people say "you got soemthing right here" nope that's skin thank

FashionAddict said...

Oh I love that dress, and while it's a little shorter than you usually wear, it's definately not scandalously short. I like it a lot.

Becky said...

You've worn this dress before on a weekend, right? I loved it then, and I love it now. It's flirty without being skanky! Very cute.

As far as compliments, one of the most recent ones that really made an impression was by a girl I didn't think liked me too much. I was at a party, and she came over and said, "I was talking about how cute your outfit was to're the most put-together broad at this party." You'd have to know her, but that's a HUGE compliment from this girl, and it stuck with me.

Another one, that was years ago, was from my boyfriend at the time who told me that I was one of the most ladylike girls he knew. Perhaps not the most fitting adjective for me, but I took it as a compliment. :)

Sal said...

THE DRESS IS GOOOOOOOD! Stop freaking out.

hillary said...

becky Yes! for an hour on a Saturday!

Lorena said...

I like your dress, if I were your neighbor I would wait for you to do the laundry and take it while drying...
(I have thought about it all!)
One of the best compliments I received was from a good friend who told me that I was honest.
Another one was that I had "topics to speak about" that made me interesting.
Both comments meant a LOT more as they came from people I love dearly.

chunkstyle said...

I was told I had great spatial skills. :) Great to hear when you like to design! Also the dress looks great, no worries on that.

Becky said...

OK, so maybe your post put it out in the ether, but I just got one of the most unexpected compliments ever that made my day! My office's insurance rep has been calling frequently to work out an issue, and the person he needed to speak with was unavailable, so I had to take a message, and he said, "Every time you answer the phone, I smile. You have such a beautiful voice." I've never paid much attention to my voice, except that I know it's kind of in a lower register, so this took me by pleasant surprise. Just thought I'd share :)

anna said...

that dress looks foxy on you and it's not too short at all. I love it!

I always like it when people laugh when I talk to them. It's truly the best compliment I can get. Nick tells me I smell like a beach a lot. It's a weird but wonderful compliment to me.