Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shirt Ann Taylor Loft
Skirt Esprit circa 2002
Sandals Marc Jacobs DSW
Necklace Marc Jacobs Nordstrom via shopittome.com
Earrings I made
Haircut husband
Perfume Tokyo Milk Honey and the Moon.
IMG_3080marc jacobs cherry watch necklaceread heats earrings i mademarc jacobs black sandals
a funny pic of me looking very short
not my remix but I look like a lilipution here
Ok so I was wrong. (I didn't lie exactly) I am going for it and getting my hair done. TODAY. I am impulsive. I can't wait or I won't do it. Its now or never. Put up or shut up. My husband once said that to me regarding a pixie cut and me and my exbestie (dave's ex :P) both did it. It was cute but NOT the cut for me. I have insanely thick hair and it took us lots of work daily to walk out of the house and not look like a boy with a crew cut. Also I feel too butch in hair that short. Anyways. Its funny. I tend to be a mull it over and look at all sides of things person. I had been with my husband 6 years when we got married. ha. I am the one people come to for help making a decision. I am fantastic at seeing the right choice and always picking the right answer. Then there is my hair. I can never win with it. I always get upset no matter what I do. So I instead go for impulsivity and it almost always works out.

Are you impulsive in certain aspects of your life?

One of the only other things I am impulsive about is vacations. Our trip to LA was decided the week before. Our honeymoon was about 2 weeks before. Just random. LETS DO THIS. ok. If I think over it I will change my mind and want to save money blah blah blah. Clothing I am not impulsive with. I am a visitor. I go back and visit it 11dy times before buying it. Thats why Gilt Groupe and RueLaLa are so unfathomly hard for me. You mean I have to BUY IT RIGHT NOW?? ack. I have gotten two things and neither fit from them. bah. That will learn me.


BAM said...

Have fun getting your hair done!

I'm most impulsive at work. Gut reactions help me not to overthink a problem.

I am implusive about clothing purchases and it does bite me sometimes. But most of the time, it turns out great.

Sal said...

Cannot WAIT to see the new color! I am the same way with my hair: I decide it must change, and do it the same day.

anna said...

Love that skirt! Can't wait to see your new hairdo!

I am impulsive with lots and lots of things. So many things. Sigh.

The Thrifty Stylist said...

i think your hair looks fabulous here! love the cherry watch pendant (ooooh) and the hearts are too cute, too. and there ain't no shame in looking petite. leggy, too.

hillary said...

gots my hair did. Looks good. Not as wow as that but I want to grow it out so she is helping me do that.!

thrifty I am petite. Well short at least! 5'3"

thanks everyone!

FashionAddict said...

Yeppers, totally impulsive with the hair, too. I like drastic changes. My hair was super long for my wedding, and I decided one day to donate it to locks for love and get an inverted bob.