Thursday, August 06, 2009

Seeking "how to wear" advice

Click image to see the listing on their site.
So I bought these earrings from Girl Props, I am in mad mad mad love with them. They remind me of my high school days in Miami. But in typical hillary fashion I didn't read the details. (This is also how I got a KILLER Gucci dress on etsy that, well, is a tent on me. They are 2.5 inches. That may not sound large but it is. Giant. Now I am a big earring girl. The bigger the better. I am gonna go on a limb and say I think I am one of those people that can wear big earrings. Not many people can. My mom and I both can. Infact we look silly in little earrings. We both have long necks and pointy chins and THICK hair and it just works.

These are big even for me. So I was wondering what would you pair them with from my wardobe? If you need an invite to "see my closet" (448 unique outfit photos I have on Flickr) let me know. I will even turn this into a contest and my favorite look will win a yet to be determined prize.


Jess said...

Oooh fun! I want to play. :-) Send me an invite if you will...I love a challenge.

BAM said...

Me too...

I dig the giant earrings! Big hoops are oh so fun.

hillary said...

invites have been sent! woot!

BAM said...

oh..haha..there are so many pictures. I love all the silly poses and admit that I wasn't paying attention to the outfits at first. Will have to check it all out AFTER work!

hillary said...

I warned there were 448. its 3 years worth. I started aug 06

BAM said...

I like the idea of mixing the SUPER FUN earrings with a more polished look. Some Ideas:

The top & vest from "I've been Bitten"

Even this one "5/22/07":

OH! I think you even had big hoops on in this photo:

Tough girl style:

It was fun cruising your closet.