Sunday, August 16, 2009

See I am domestic

Flutter sleeve top Banana Republic
Purple sparkle fliflops with rhinestone flower Avon
Earrings Heidi Klum's now defunct line
The "Hillary" skirt designed and patterned after me by Backside of the
Moon. It's a very full short skirt that twirls like a dream.

I am laying low today because I appear to have a bit of a fever. It
also happens to be 93 out. We went to do a little laundry and Dave got
me some Advil, a fruit smoothies and hashbrowns. Now it's couch and tv
for rest if day because I got no sick days !!


Lemondrop Marie said...

One MUST have a twirly skirt to do laundry effectively. Bravo.

Lesa said...

very fashionable laundry attire! Feel better, I can completely relate to the no sick days thing....

anna said...

I'll concur- looking cute for laundry day certainly helps with the chores! Really great skirt!

Hope your fever broke!