Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Put my face on

My mom always said before we went out "I need to go put my face on" Which to this day brings out images of the evil lady in Retun to OZ where she has cases of new heads to put on. What she meant was let me go put some makeup on. My mom has but I don't think my grandmother has ever gone out in public without putting makeup and her nails painted. At a young age my gram would tell me to "go put some rouge on" and I would go into her bathroom into this little tin that had a small terracotta pot in it with a poof (I believe it was Guerlain). I would put orange streaks on my face in hopes to impress my gram.

I grew up thinking makeup was as essential as Oxygen or water. I see nothing wrong with this thinking. Its the way I choose to be as an adult. I prefer a madeup face. I never was and doubtfully ever will be into the "natural look" (going out without anything other than chapstick like all those models tout. BLARGH I say) I have very fair Irish skin that also EATS makeup. I can put on hotpink blush and within 10 minutes it settles into a softpink. So many days I have a heavy hand because even my heavy hand looks like a soft touch within an hour.

I periodically do a before and after. It started to show my mom how much I loved my new flatiron but people got a kick out of them so I do it every 6 months or so. This morning my hair was particularly curly when I woke up. Nothing a flation can't squash out.

On the right I have a full made up face. Mostiruizer, concealor, blush, primer, eyeshadow (3 of them) eye bright, blush, lipgloss, mascara and eyebrow pencil. My bathroom lighting leaves something to be desired but I know my mom will get a good laugh from this until she cries and really thats my goal. To make my mom smile.


Becky said...

Oh how I can relate. My mom RARELY, and I mean like maybe twice a year, goes out without her "bouffant" and her "face" (btw, Return to Oz still creeps me out, but there's something appealing about it). My mom puts hot rollers in her hair EVERYDAY to achieve her signature big hair dubbed "the bouffant". Now, I usually put my face on and do my hair, but I'm not as persnickety, and I change my beauty regimen to accommodate sleeping in or plain laziness, but my mom will put up a FUSS if I don't put on mascara. I have naturally blond hair, which means, naturally blond magical disappearing eyelashes. I just think it's funny how serious my mom gets about it if I even think about going out in her presence without "being done". :)

mamichan said...

with the exception of going to the farmer's market on sunday, i never leave the house without makeup on. i keep saying this but you are inspiring me to learn new eye make-up techniques. i've done the same thing since high school!

my mom's the total opposite -- she never wears makeup. and she still looks like my big sister.

Jess said...

What flat iron do you have? I need to invest in a good one.

I rarely leave the house without putting on at least a little face makeup (usually Studio Fix powder) to even out my skin tone, some mascara and some lip gloss. I wear less makeup every day than I used to when I was younger but I am starting to look...I don't know, kind of haggard!! I am going to have to wear concealer every day to get rid of the bags, I kind of want a primer but I am afraid of all of them making my skin freak out...I am reluctant but I know it's gonna need to happen so I look human.

julie mack said...

My mother never leaves the house without her "white stuff" (heavy duty concealer for the under eyes). I myself don't usually either but today! i was actually trying to embrace them and channel helena bonham-carter. We'll see when I get a chance to take a clear pic. I wore the rest of my makeup but no mega-concealer.

Also: i hear you on the blush thing! Dollymix fades right on in within the hour. Why does it do that?!

Kelly said...

My mom wears barely any makeup, if anything. At least not that I can tell. I know she didn't wear a whole lot growing up, but I do remember her splurging on Lancome mascara every few months. I thought it was a big deal because we definitely didn't have the money to spend on things like that very often.

I think I'm kind of like her too - I don't like to leave the house without mascara, but everything else is kind of optional. I need to start making my concealer a regular part of my routine though, I'm doing myself no favors letting these dark circles run free!

Kasmira said...

Oh, I love my makeup! I did a post a little similar to this with my theater makeup:

Normally, though, I skip the false lashes.

anna said...

You are a MASTER.

My skin also eats makeup, plus I'm fidgety and touch my face all damn day.

Have you done a youtube tutorial? Or would you? I would love to see how you apply foundation. I think the correct foundation would change my world.

I never wear lipstick, but I cannot leave the house without these two things: a bra, and mascara (at the LEAST).

hillary said...

Becky my mom loves her some big hair but hers is more yankified. The closer to heaven? haha.

masami I need to mix it up more myself. I have lots of pretty stuff and I did the same thing over and over. monday I used bright purple eyeshadow as an eye wing and was so proud of myself. My other grandmother never ever probably ever has worn makeup. But gram? Her and her sisters put lipsticks in their bathingsuits at the beach. Stuck under the strap!

Jess I had a paul mitchell smoothing iron that I adored! I got on sale for 120 and its worth every penny but after 3 years of falling on the floor daily its still great but not as good as new. I like that it has a temp gauge. I am 340 for what its worth. But my mom just gave me a CHI and I really like it. Its on and off though. No wiggle room. I think you have to have a good swift hand with hit because it is HOT. Works a freaking peach though.

Julie YES dolly melts into my face I have to put it on like a damn clown to get the real PINK effect I want at times. (like I said I am not into the natural look) I am not one to tell people I dislike something they do as its rude. BUT helena is one of the reasons I DO wear makeup. I always think "Oh I don't want to look like that" bad eh? I just don't like her cause she killed Sirius.

Kelly I am convinced its really what your used to. (or what is beaten into your brain at a young age) I have anemia too so I always get the "are you feeling ok" if I don't have enough make up on.

Kasmira a girl after my own heart. I want to try theater makeup. If we ever meet up you have to do me up OK?

Anna I can hear mine say NOM NOM as I am putting it on. I will say if I had your coloring I probably would only wear mascara too. curl of the lashes and your good to go. You also have that hot smoky come hither eye naturally too. I try to achieve that with lots of eye goop to no success. I actually haven't worn foundation it a long time. I wanna say a couple months? Before summer at least. Just concealer and brightener. But I could show you how I put it on if you'd like. Come cooler weather when the dry kicks and my rosacea (sp?) I will need some.

Lemondrop Marie said...

you do pretty up so nicely! Love the makeup polish- though you are a natural lovely too.

hillary said...

lemondrop thank you so much!

Farmgirl said...

I'm smiling