Monday, August 24, 2009

My weekend in pictures

Saturday we had a great day of driving. You have no idea how exciting that is when you live in a city and haven't had a car for over a year until now. We hit up 3 states in one day (I love New England) We drove up the coast of Mass into New Hampshire and up thru Wells Maine.

This was York Beach where my husband and I fell in love 13 years ago. We passed by his grandparents old cottage.
Then we
got Hawaiian Ice

penny candy

played Skee Ball

I kicked his ass at all games

I got 55 tickets, he got 3. I am totally serious. But honestly he ALWAYS kicks my ass normally. (well except at Trivial Pursuit but that is for another post)

Dave got me some earrings in York. Everything from there is instantly special. Not only did we meet there we got married there as well.

Then we popped in on my grandparents unannounced on the way home

I love my grandparents more than anyone in the world. I just walk in their house. I never knock nor do I call. They were heading out the door when we showed up and were happy as clams to see us. They are the reason we have a car. They helped us buy it and it was a big surprise. We went with them to run errands and we got dinner and ice cream (gram was happy to use us as an ice cream excuse and we didn't mind being used)

Sunday dave went out and got us coffees while I snuggled with the kitten. I would of gone with him but I gotta take kitten love when its being given! We watched lots of episodes of Angel, made Chinese food and took an insanely long nap with the kitten. She crawled in under the covers between us while we were asleep I wore up to her next to me. (Daisyboo would NEVER do this)

And of course we watched Mad Men and Drop Dead Diva both of which I ADORE.

So how was your weekend? What did you do?


david said...

twas fun, i'm glad you were there too. i like york, it's a tish sad to go though cause it isn't the same as it was when we had the cottage, life was easier and our days were more carefree.
love ya beeb.

Sarah Von said...

What a great weekend! I went dancing and hiking, drove to Wisconsin for cheese curds and drank a lot of tea. So nice!

anna said...

looks like a great weekend for lovebirds. I love that you play skeeball! I always seek it out!
And so good of you to pop into your grandparents- you are such a good granddaughter!

As you know, Nick went to UNH and lived much of his adolescence in Plymouth, Mass, and his mom has a summer gig teaching on Martha's Vineyard- so he has a very, very special place in his heart for New England. We try to take a road trip through New england every year- your pictures just reinvigorated him to get me there next summer at the LATEST (hoooray!) (we haven't been in a year).

This weekend was shopping with sister on Saturday (at an outdoor mall in the suburbs- hallelujah for ease), canning pickles from the garden, and baking bread for the fall. And True Blood and Mad Men. (drop dead diva gets watched later). Oh and we bought a PS3 slim to be delivered this week. I should probably say goodbye to my friends. I have mixed feelings about it.

Becky said...

Very fun! Although my weekend didn't involve Skee Ball or grandparents, I still had fun: Went to Central Park on Saturday for a picnic and to see my roommate's outdoor production of Macbeth, then Sunday I went to brunch with a friend I don't see nearly enough, followed by a delightful production of La Boheme (it was REALLY amazing, bare bones, but wonderfully acted and sung), followed by Thai dinner. So, I just ate and watched shows all weekend, which in my book=perfection. :)

Lemondrop Marie said...

Kitten snuggles are the BEST. I love all kinds of critter snuggles actually...
Love your new earrings!

Jess said...

Sounds so fun!! I love that you go back and visit where you and Dave met and fell in love. :-) I am such a romantic sap.

I had a pretty low-key weekend, since I am feeling under the weather and so is my hubby Shawn. Friday I went to the doctor for tests (ugh blood drawn) and slept most of the day (I took off from work)...Saturday I slept in and went to IKEA to spend a gift card I got for my birthday in January...and yesterday I did a ruthless purge of my closet to get rid of old things and things that don't fit, did 7 loads of laundry, and cleaned the closet itself of all the dust and cat hair it contained. I am so tired today from all that but it was worth it when I got dressed this morning and everything was right there at hand! Oh, and while I cleaned in the bedroom I had Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother playing for company. I love that show so much.

Ms. B said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! I too have a soft spot for New England, particularly Massachusetts.

Very cute earrings!


Clare said...

I, too, had unannounced family time this weekend, which was fun but way exhausting.

p.s. You're freaking beautiful! I love how in even the most candid photos you look incredible!

hillary said...

clare to be fair my husband has had 13 years to learn his lesson and take MULTIPLES of every shot so I can pick the one I like. But thank you!
(there were 42 of todays remix that AI got to pick from)

ms.b I am that way with maine. Mass would have my love if they didn't have all my fucking money!!! *not bitter I promise*

jess feel better soon! I am so jealous of anyone with access to laundry. I am considering a visit to my inlaws this weekend to do laundry AND VISIT of course

lemondrop NOTHING is better. NOTHING. sorry dave not even your snuggles.

Becky OH that sounds like fun to me. If its any consolation it was fucking hot and sweaty at the arcade and my family makes me wish I drake even after a few hours.

Anna LEAVE HIM HOME AND COME PLAY WITH ME (who said that?) I wanna go to an outlet mall. :(

sarah von now that sounds like a weekend! Anything involving cheese is ace in my book.

david it was fun you should of been there. Dave was.

Thank you everyone!

Lorena said...

What a lovely weekend !
It´s so nice that you visit your grandparents and cherish them :)