Sunday, August 30, 2009

My favorite game. What is in my bag?

I love this game. Not because I want to show you what is my bag so much. But more because I want to see what is in YOUR bag. I can't very well ask you if I don't do it myself though.
Bag Cole Haan. First smancy bag I bought. I pooled all my birthday money one year. (Last year I got birthday money actually)
Reusable bag
Silver Coach Wallety thing
Lobster keychain
Tiny toothbrushes
Bubblegum scented Hello Kitty handwipes
Hello Kitty pouch from Japan
Mac lipgelle
Stila lipgloss
Hand sanitizer
Brochures on cat diseases
Cat treats
Paper work from lady we adopted Waffle from
Twilight lip venom
Spare pair underpants. I got these at Vickies a million years ago and I found them the other day and thought well they do me no good in my drawer so I threw them in my purse! I had a pair of underwear rip on me. Drastically. I went to ahem pull them up and RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. (tmi?)
Swiss army knife from my dad
Hello kitty band-aids from Japan
Coolest fine point pen ever from Japan (sense a theme a friend went and brought me back goodies! She knows me very well it appears)
Key wallet (red thing in front)
Fancy noise canceling headphones gift from husband. (Hell I had $9 pink pair before)
Silver pill case
Migraine prevention meds

I sense a theme looking at this. I like red and I like hello kitty. I didn't actually buy a single one of these Hello Kitty things though. It like jewelry I like to receive over buying. I bought enough in my lifetime. :)
I was swapping out my silver purse for this one that is a bit too much for summer but the temps promise to be 70's this week over last weeks 90's! I also had to clean all the kitten stuff out after our weekend vet visit. (almost $500! gah!) If anyone has a cat I can't recommend these treats enough. Daisyboo hated every treat we bought the last 4 years. She hadn't eaten a one. (hard to bribe her if she doesn't like treats!) and we bought these because they are milk flavor for the day we brought the kitten home and they both LOVE them. They actually come when you shake the bag.

So now won't you cure my curiosity and play too?


Becky said...

I'll do this later this week, but for now, I'll give you this snippet: I have a Hello Kitty debit card. Why? Because my customer service rep thought it would be funny. "You want the Hello Kitty one, don't you?" and me being sassy, "I would want nothing more in the world." And then he called my bluff. But, ultimately, I'm a much happier person for it.

Lorena said...

OMG ! you lover her too !!!
HK has been my friend for years... I feel like I grew up with her and Drew Barrymore - do I sound silly ?
Ha! My bag is kinda messy but here it goes.
Black Patent Neiman Marcus brand bag contains:
-Black leather Ferragamo wallet (gift from my H´s mom)
-Pink Goody hairbursh ( just realized I need a new one)
-B&B Japanese Cherry Blossom body splash
-Hand sanitizer
-My "to do" notebook ( I write stuff I have to do so I don´t forget)
-Nail file
-Receipt from last night´s chinese food
-Hair barrette
-Receipt from supermarket on Saturday
-Flea Market flyer
-USB with a beach project
-Keys in a HELLO KITTY keychain
-Smashbox make up bag with:HELLO KITTY MAC face powder, Smashbox CANDID lipgloss, Decleor powdered blotting papers and a ponytail)

FashionAddict said...

Good to see I'm not the only one who carries a toothbrush around in the purse :)

hillary said...

This is the disposable kind with the built in toothpaste. I can't bring myself to bring a regular one that you put back in your bag wet. gah.

Lisa said...

I have a toothbrush in my bag too . . . but it was only because I went away this weekend.
However, this made me curious about what else was in my bag:
- receipts
- loose change
- wallet
- hair tie
- bobby pins
- work ID
- cell phone
- planner
- pen
- keys
- chapstick
- Lipslick
- Lancome juicy tube lip gloss (I'm horribly addicted)
- USB key
- eraser shaped like a banana (not sure about how or why this is in there)
Thanks for sharing. I love those wedges! I adore wedges but always fear toppling.

anna said...

I too love the voyeur quality of this game. In my first day of school (workday not with kids) purse:

1. ibuprofen. Fluorescent lighting gives me headaches when I first return to school.
2. Wallet.
3. Home keys.
4. Massive ring of 16 school keys for various cupboards and doors that kiddos can't get into.
5. School ID to punch in with. Yes, I punch a CLOCK. (which I know I've mentioned about 678 times but find it worth mentioning again).
6. Lobello lip balm.
7. Marc Jacobs heart shaped mirror sent to me by a great, stylish friend! :)
8. So much gum. It's a bad habit.
9. reusable shopping bag.
10. Iphone and usb cord cause I always run out of power.
11. A whole roll of quarters for parking in Chicago.

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I posted the contents of my bag on my blog too...I'm such a copy cater lately...I hope you'll forgive me. hehe

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Oh, and I LOVE the bag! I can't believe I forgot to say that in my first post...L-O-V-E it.

hillary said...

nothing to forgive! I asked people to share! I am nosy as hell.

byhillary said...

mwaaaaaaaaah. Thank you. Also if bandaids and antibacterial wipes are babyish then wah wah.

eloisemoorehead said...

Hillary! Don't let your feelings get hurt! Whoever wrote that is clearly a teenager or someone for whom English is a second language, or perhaps someone who has never had a grammar lesson in their life. Seriously, as a rule, people who don't know how to use punctuation should not capable of hurting the feelings of intelligent folk such as yourself.

OH and by the by, all your stuff in there is freaking adorable. So there's that.

byhillary said...

well that was quite rude. Do you feel better having insulted me and calling my belongings "babyish"? what did that accomplish besides hurt my feelings? everyone has different taste. Please feel free to keep future such things to yourself.

Jessica said...

you have beautiful stuff inside it that is needed but as for the bag i didnt relly like and the hello kitty stuff are so cute but its also kind of babyish. sorry if i annoyed u but after all its amazing XD :)

Jessica said...

you have beautiful stuff inside it that is needed but as for the bag i didnt relly like and the hello kitty stuff are so cute but its also kind of babyish. sorry if i annoyed u but after all its amazing XD :)