Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday where I miss my Waffle

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Marc Jacobsesque dress Target (Its has a nice industrial zipper down back
Shoes Clarks
Earrings cherry quartz with hearts and stars Dave made them
3 Color bangles Gap
Makeup came out nice today too so I did a detail of it.
Makeup detail
elasticed at sides hemline
bronze shoes clarks
Dave made
back of purple cap sleeve target dress zipper
For my makeup today I used makeup from the Black Honey collection from Clinique. I looked for my eyeliner and I can't find it but they do have the same thing in gel liner. So basically its a deep burgundy color which is actually subtle on the eyes. (maybe because I have such fair features?) I darkened my eyebrows with MAC auburn brow powder (Julie of Rotten Cupcakes has the BEST eyebrows) and made my own cream blush with Vanilla pigment from MAC and a hot pink MAC blush (they don't have it anymore) and moisturizer. The whole effect is subtle in pictures but if I had taken a before you would know it really made a difference. :P (did I just use that emoticon? for shame)

So how was your weekend? What did you do?

You already know I got a kitten. That was my entire weekend all kitten all the time.

as an aside anyone know what you need to change to keep cameras from shifting purple? I tried photoshoping it but I would rather take it right the first time.


Becky said...

I really like the color of that dress! There's no way I could pull that style off without belting it though. You look very fresh faced and lovely! I spent the weekend saying goodbyes to my family in FL and flew back to NYC. Vaction=over. Aw shucks!

hillary said...

I feared belting it would be ridiculous with the elastic hem on the bottom

BAM said...

Waffle seems to have provided a lot of entertainment!

I got to see a bunch of people this wkd that I don't usually see. Two pals from school, pals from our early years of Houston, and husband's friend from college. It was a lot of fun, but I'm exhausted today. brain = mush.


julie mack said...

Awww! Thanks babe! I love eyebrow powder. It looks like you've found your perfect shade— they look fab!