Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is it really "vintage"?

Dress vintage gifted from the amazing kathy (my crooked hem? She changed her name)
Belt Target
Shoes Dansko Berks Cambridge
Headthing Forever 21

I decided a year ago to stop dressing for others and to dress only for myself. So many many times I am not confident or sure n my outfit. Today was one of them. Then I was made fun of and my ego went splat. The two people were making fun of me at the counter of Dunkin They didn't think I heard. I called them out and said while smiling "talking about me were we?"
She was all no ma'am and complimented my necklace. grumble. I.heard.you
patent red dansko sandalsheidi klum qvc earringsdis? - cute3833685632_e2b9334773_b
Today I shall be discussing improper word usage. Now I have been known to misuse a word, I know and admit to that. I also know that I routinely look up words to make sure I have the definition correct before I throw those $.25 words around in conversation. One word that is misused often that I find irksome is VINTAGE. Now I know everyone's idea of vintage is a as vast as their idea of art. Something that is oh, say 10 years old? I think we can all agree that is not vintage. I think we can agree 20-25 (I lean to 25+) years old is more a proper definition of vintage. Oh and just because you bought it at a thrift store does NOT mean it is vintage. Take this dress for example. It was gifted to me by someone who bought it in a thrift store some years ago. While I don't know the exact age on it, it is pretty fair to say on close inspection it is at least 20 years old. The tags in it, the fabric and the age on the lace makes it fair to say its PROBABLY from the 50's-60's but I can't say for sure so I will leave it at vintage and not put an era on it. (That bugs me too. Saying IT IS from the 60's when its clearly not. How about "60's feel"? that's safer to say)

I have come across more than a dozen items on various blogs and stores claiming things are vintage when I KNOW they aren't. One in particular was a Target dress from this year. I did casually mention this to the person this time. Usually I let it go and give them a good ol' eyeroll. But this time it was a store and misleading people intentional or not is not best business practice. They very well might not of known. But this is my point. If you don't know DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DO. I will respect nothing more than an honest "I don't know" Its a good idea for all aspects of your life. Saying "I don't know" followed shortly by "but I can find out" or "my best guess is".

As I said I am not faultless in misusing words, but come on clothing lovers lets stop the overuse of the word vintage. Lets make a gentlemen's ( and woman's for you pc folk) agreement that 25 is a good cutoff. So prior to 1984 ok?

Is there a word that irks you when people use it wrong?

I think my friend Steve said it best.
" OMG that's nearly SIX MONTHS OLD! Definitely vintage. DON'T TOUCH IT IT'LL CRUMBLE INTO DUST"


Kelly said...

love love love love this outfit! Oh you look awesome!

I think 25 years old is a good rule of thumb. I usually tend to think things that are from the 70s or older can be called "vintage" or, if something is coming back (like 80s fashions) I think it's OK to say something is vintage to make it clear that the thing is actually from the 80s, and not a reproduction.

Marianne said...

Why would they make fun of you? You look so pretty! This color combo suits you very well.

hillary said...

cause they hadn't had their coffee? eh I don't care. It pissed me off more than it hurt.

Lorena said...

I think you look beautiful.
I would wear everything on you - the headband is gorgeous!
Getting to your question, I hate it when people use the word ANTIQUE. It´s used in so many incorrect ways.

I agree with you on estimates, I too sometimes wonder how people know what "period" their garment is from....

Jess said...

I absolutely LOVE this outfit...it is one of my favorite ones you've worn recently.

heather said...

remember in buffy the vampire slayer movie when her friend was wearing the yellow coat that she had criticized when buffy was considering buying it ('that is SO 5 min ago'). when buffy asked her why she was wearing it, she said 'it's retro!' like a week later?

what on earth could they have been saying about your outfit? you look fine. you match, it fits, it is stylish. wtf?

hillary said...

It was the headband.

Lesa said...

I like the 25 years as I am vintage myself. By the way, you looked gorgeous today!!!!

I HATE when people say "it is what it is"

Lemondrop Marie said...

Fabulous outfit, of course. I agree, using the word vintage inappropriately is annoying! I hate it when people use words like supposeably they've made up! :)-

BAM said...

Dress for yourself. That's probably the best thing any of us can do to preserve our sanity.

People have different opinions (and sometimes they say them rather rudely). I agree with the folks here that I like the outfit and the headband. I don't know, it suites you.

I know there are words out there that I'm a stickler on, but I'm drawing a blank right now.

hillary said...

Lesa I am vintage as well. Hell I am from the 70s heeee. I am totally serious when I say my dad gave me a card in 2007 that said "it is what it is" and it changed my life. Completely. That's all he wrote too. I learned to let things out of my control go ( well I try) and worry about what is in my control. I saved the card too.

Clare said...

Well, I think you look gorgeous...I love the giant flower, and that dress is SOOO flattering on you!! Love it.

Yeah, the vintage thing totally bugs me too. Seriously. A 4 year old Banana Republic skirt is not "vintage" just because it came from Goodwill.

D'Et said...

I think you look GREAT! Headband and all. I meant to tell you that, yesterday, too. I love both outfits. Very cute.

The world is full of so much negativity... I hope their coffee gave them indigestion.

I had a boss that changed my life... he used to sit in my office, exasperated, and say, "it is what it is." Seriously it's a great mantra.

Anonymous said...

Those DD Dumb Biotches need to get a life - I can't believe they would say something. You need to come visit me and get a big old dose of Hoosier Hospitality!!
Love this look and those flowers - I DIE!!! (Totally gearing up for RZP!).

Erin said...

I second (or third?) the 25 year rule. Another good one: If the size on the garment is not your current size, it is vintage. Ex: "This tag says 10, but I'm a 2!" Yep- Vintage.

Great topic of conversation! I'm listening (reading) intently for others opinions on this.


Kasmira said...

Don't even get me STARTED on word misuse. My biggest pet peeves is when people mix up homophones. One mix-up that seems prevalent on blogs is peek/peak/pique. Makes me CRAZY!

Check this out: http://www.bifroest.demon.co.uk/misc/homophones-list.html

Trish said...

So agree with your point about "vintage." I have a ton of what I am pretty confident are "vintage" clothes, but I am not knowledgeable at all and so can't really hazard a guess as to what is 50s, what is 60s, what's 70s, etc. There is stuff that seems to shout 40s to me, but I wouldn't publicly declare that, because I have no expertise (and have been too lazy to do any research!).

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I hate the phrase "young black youth." Either use the word "youth" or the word "young." To use both is redundant. Also, as much as I LOVE LUCKY magazines, I hate their made up adjectives. I can't even think of one right now, but it's some common word with --y thrown on the end.