Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy 3rd Remixaversary. I blame Kelly Sue for my addiction to it.

Blame is such an ugly word. I credit her for my starting.

I joined Wardrobe Remix on August 21st 2006. I was 30is lbs heavier and a lot less interesting. I joined because I saw her do it. Lets be frank, if she does it then it is the thing to do and I thought it looked like fun.
I posted 457 unique outfits in that time. (Not including detail shots. Just the outfits)
I have made about a dozen really great friends.
I learned more what fits my body
and how to take a self portrait on the quick so as not to be caught!
My heels have gotten higher over that time too.

Below see some pics from my very first week. (back then it wasn't head to toe required)

Slouchy collar shirt Express circa 2001 (would you be ashamed for me that TAGS WERE STILL ON IT this morning when I went to wear it? I still actively remember buying it)
Skirt Ann Taylor Loft
Sweater (note the sleeve is gathered and princess)
Earrings I made
Shoes Vera Wang for Kohls
Belt Husband's old Boy Scout belt.
IMG_3937IMG_3946kohls shoes

Some of my first posts
My very first post ever
August 21st

september 5september 4

As I said I joined remix in 2006 after seeing Kelly Sue do it. I started posting them on my blog that next spring after my mom said I should. I think her exact words were
"You should post your fashion on your blog maybe you will get free stuff"
I love my mom. Still waiting on that free stuff though. :P My mom is the only family member that knows about my remix and my blog. The rest of my family wouldn't get it. I don't tell many friends either. I dunno I like to keep it to myself a lot. I do it mostly for myself. (and to show my mom stuff a lot, who lives over a thousand miles away) I definetly don't share it with people at work. (Not that I say anything bad, I just dunno, don't want to share myself with them like that)

I actually started blogging in 2004 though. Again after seeing Kelly Sue do it. (Do we sense a theme?) What can I say I adore the girl and think she is just the cat's meow. I moved my blog over to blogger from Livejournal in 2006. I just felt Livejournal was too clunky. My husband is responsible for the design of my blog. It had a complete makeover in August 2008. Before it was pink and green with a small cartoon me he had made in 2000. I originally started blogging because I was in a job that made me VERY unhappy and had so much as been told to sit at a desk and not work so I turned to the internet! I had a webpage I updated in college (I bought byhillary in 2000) but it was prior to people blogging and each update required a ton of work. I enjoy doing it and have met some great people from it. It was my tiny baby step back into writing too. After I dropped out of Journalism school and instead went to Art school I kinda hung up my pen convinced I would never write again. I am still not there but it is happening. (I don't take this very seriously and almost never reread my posts after I write them. I do once instantly for big spelling errors but then never again)

So why did you get into blogging? What do you get out of it?


Work With What You've Got said...

I got into it because I wanted to be Kasmira of “What I Wore Today” when I grew up. For true. I read her blog every day and then I started reading others and then I though “well why not do this myself? I’m a fun girl.” So I did. I really enjoy it. I love the COMMUNITY of it. And I love what I am learning about myself. And I love that it challenges me to keep it creative and not get lazy and wear the same thing over and over (ok, not counting the jeggings, but I mix it up!)

Lisa said...

I've started blogs before to document my knitting, but inevitably I never knit enough to keep up my blog.
I started my current blog at the suggestion of one of my colleagues to document my teaching experiences so I could look back and reflect. Seeing as that it's summer I haven't had much teaching stuff to blog about so I've been doing knitting and life related stuff. I've been inspired by a lot of the great fashion blogs out there (like yours!) to start documenting my outfits, but I'm a little hesitant.
So ultimately I'm hoping to get reflections on my teaching, a record of my knits and activities, and who knows, maybe a wardrobe log.

Sal said...

So glad I get to be one of the people who gets to ogle your style on a daily basis!

As for me ... a coworker friend who had admired my style for ages asked me to make her over. I'd never done anything of the sort, but before we dug in I thought I'd better outline some style basics. So I wrote up a list of rules and guidelines - tips and tricks that any stylish woman could utilize - and gave it to her. She read it over and said, "This is GREAT. You should put this on a blog ... people would read this."

So I did. ;)

Kelly said...

I'm with Erin. I like the community. I don't have any women in my offline life who is really into fashion/clothes much, so I was on message boards discussing it for a couple years when I started reading fashion blogs. I started my blog at first without the real aim to make it a fashion blog, but that only took a couple weeks! I like having a community of nice women who share an interest with me.

Also, I can't claim that I am the most stylish or even interesting dresser, but having a blog makes me somewhat accountable. I find that I push myself to put effort in more when I take pictures because honestly, it would be VERY easy to slip into a jeans-and-t-shirt uniform because my life and job are so casual. And I don't want to be that.

anna said...

You look gorgeous today! Those blues really, really look great on you.

I joined W_R after my IRL best friend Leah- ms. ellemvee, though she's taken a bit of a break since the new baby. She's been my fashion guru since we were 16 years old, and we were rockabilly (i.e.too short bangs!), swing dancing, midcentury furniture shopping sisters in college way back in 1994.

I've had several academic blogs for school and kids. I've just recently taken to more pithy history/history-minded entertainment writing. Why? To research more. I need to flex that muscle a bit.

I really would love to have a fashion blog, but being a teacher and all makes me kinda remiss to do it. Especially because a lot of the kids in my school are pretty fashionable (on a thrifty, indie kind of way) and would probably find me. :(

heather said...

the blues are fantastic on you!

i moved to europe for my company and my friends in the US wanted to know what colour my hair was, so i started heathershair. it is also easier than writing individual letters to all my friends giving them the basics. now i can write just stuff directly to them. as an exhibitionist it is a diary that is out there. i have written about EVERYTHING.

Eyeliah SS said...

I got into it so I would take more care in my day to day outfits out in the real world, still working for me. :-)

Boutique Girl said...

I was looking for designer shoes and found my wardrobe today and loved it (still do) and then started blogging myself! I do it for me and for the community thing!
I have realised so much about my style (mainly that I was a huge mess before!!). Now I frequently get compliments from strangers!

I too keep my blog a secret - my sister and boyfriend know that I do it but they have never seen it!

BAM said...

I wanted to stop lurking on everyone else's pages - I just recently started my blog to give others an idea who I am when I leave comments. I was initially drawn to folks positively interacting about realistic clothing that enhances (not hides) our bodies.

I like that makes me a little more creative.

Kimberly said...

I was just re-looking through your bloggity blog here and to put it simply I don't comment enough. You put together some truly awesome looks, lady.

This one particularly caught my eye again - this look is so sassy! Loves it!