Friday, August 14, 2009

The friday where I jump out of my comfort zone

Click to enlarge this photo. (others aren't clickable. Is this bothersome?)
Ok so this dress is everything I am not. I don't wear fleshy toned clothes, I don't do low cut and I don't wear sleeveless. Yet I fell in LOVE with this dress. I wear it with a cardigan at work. I am modest and shy. I also added a lace cami that fits in so nicely in the neckline it looks intentional. The front has a slit at the bosom too! DARING!

Dress Nanette Lepore. She GETS women's bodies. I got an INSANE deal on it.
Cami Banana Republic
Earrings I made
Ring Peabody Essex Museum
Shoes Clarks
Cardigan Ann Taylor loft. I love it with its poofy sleeves. hee.

The dress has a ruffle down the left side front and back and the back has a train longer than front. and waist has rouching. gah the fit is so lovely.

How I actually look at work
Back detail
bronze shoes clarks
green earrings i madeThis is an old photo my nails aren't like this now
abalone shell and wood ring from salem museum
I decided recently I would rather have a few nice dresses than 5 or 6 cheap dresses. The companies I love fit me better than anything at Target has. So plan to see these dresses OFTEN. :) I noticed that I kept defaulting to some of my more spendy items. Mostly because they fit me well and to be frank I have body issues (cry me a river I KNOW) The first one was VERY hard on me. I am a cheapskate spending money is hard. But my husband whom is a damn saint at times said "well really it is a top AND a bottom so shouldn't it cost me than a skirt anyways?" I love him. But now I have a half dozen pretty dresses that I adore and feel like a million bucks when I wear. So now that is something I would invest more in, I hit the sales and get them on deep discount. (I have my limits though. The idea of spending $150 makes me want to faint and I couldnt' do it) This dress retailed for $395! What middle class person can afford that?? Not this girl.

What items are you willing to spend a bit more on?

This is a topic that came up on Cute on the Cheap awhile back and I am curious what your thoughts are. I know I asked about beauty treatments but what CLOTHING are you willing to invest in? Coat? Shoes? Jewelry?

I will spend more on shoes and dresses. Both I usally like to get on sale but thats sale on $$$ but I finally broke down and admitted Payless shoes SUCK. They hurt, my feet can't breathe and I never end up wearing them as I walk everywhere. No more cheap shoes. (well unless they really go with something. :P)


Anonymous said...

hair is CUTE.

Becky said...

I adore this dress! I would probably pair it with a cami and cardi like you did for work purposes, but if I took it out on the town, I would let my cleavage run wild (lovely image, right?)This is such a va-va-voom dress without looking "LOOK AT ME, I'M TRYING TO LOOK SEXY".

Um, I buy just about everything on sale. The most expensive piece of clothing I think I've ever bought is the Lauren by Ralph Lauren blue silk wrap dress I wore to a wedding last month. It was on sale, but still SO expensive (by my standards). I adore it, though, so I think it was worth it :)

Lesa said...

Love your hair, hate mine, went to the regular girl but she had her baby there crying. Pissed me off.

Anyway, a question, I was wondering if it was you who had the really cool tatoo necklace and if was from
Ebay? I would love to get one for my niece

anna said...

you look fabu-- that dress looks like it was tailored just for you!

I will spend money on:

1. shoes. Even though my weight fluctuates, my feet (for now) don't, and when I'm feeling extra mcfatpants, compliments on me shoes make me feel all better. Briefly.

2. Bras. I have to- not a choice, really, as cheap companies don't make them in my size.

3. Coats. This was not the case til I moved to Chicago, obviously.

4. Anthro. For some reason, I just don't have a problem spending more there (and I know in fashion terms, it's not even THAT expensive), even though it's a toss up on whether or not you're getting good quality- it IS urban outfitters for adults, afterall.

5. This hasn't happened yet, but my back to school gift to myself is two nice everyday bags- one in brown, another in black. medium sized hobo style, buttery leather (distressed for the brown), minimal crap hanging from it. I HAVE TO. Cheap purses make me feel so, well, cheap. (cheap clutches, however, make me feel like a million buckaroos!)

hillary said...

Anna You are right I forgot. I spend money on bags (hello marc and tory) and shoes and bra (also not a choice my size is default more bastards) and COATS. Arctic Boston! I have the cheap purse problem too. Once I had a nice one when I carry a Target one I feel off. SO snobby of me but I don't care its true!

Lesa I am the one! I got it from Etsy they are custom! and SOOO reasonable.[]=tags&includes[]=title

Becky I am the same way. I never pay retail. (well if I do its like 3 times a year at most!) Thats the only way I can afford the desigerish stuff. My first expensive dress was $120 and I was 29. gulp (does wedding dress count, that was $350 and I was 24? I got that on clearance!)

one smarmy thanks! The cut is done by husband and highlights by a professional!

Sal said...

Did I somehow miss the unveiling of THE HAIR??!?!?!?? LOVE! Super love.

And very true about NL - she does get how women are shaped. Very rare.

I spend big on shoes, handbags, and coats. The eternal triad. I scrimp on jewelry and tees.

Kasmira said...

The dress has really lovely details! I actually like it better with something on top because the colors don't pop against your skin.

Have you thought about wearing it with a brightly colored cami underneath? That might be nice!

BAM said...

I've just recently started thinking about quality over quanity. It's still tough for me though. I'm trying to strike that balance of having fun & trendy stuff, but my body is starting to demand clothing that actually fits properly.

I actually think it's helping me to read through other's blogs. By looking at thier photos, I can get a better idea of HOW stuff should fit.


Kelly said...

That dress looks amazing on you!

I'm always willing to shell out whatever it takes for a nice bra.

anna said...

I don't know, Kasmira, I think that the color palette works really well with Hillary's skin tone-- the dress has this great vintage feel to the print that might get lost in a bright contrast. I think I prefer the camisole that Hillary has chosen!

Eyeliah SS said...

Payless does suck! I spend more on coats, shoes and thats about it, oh and daily jewelry (like my watch). I really love that dress, the details make it special.

Lorena said...

Dress fits you like a glove - it´s super!
I don´t have a "spend meter" but, I do try to stay out of the really expensive places.
I buy many things in outlet stores and also try to never pay full price.
However if I have to pay, I go for either jewelry or handbags.
I see jewelry as an investment - just in case the future gets tough - and also as an upgrade to anything you wear.

mamichan said...

I'll spend more on winter coats (I live in the tundra), boots, and pants. Pants because it's hard for me to find a pair that fit well. And classic wear-forever shoes, like black pumps. And Tiffany, always.

Ms. B said...

I love that dress! It's SO cute on you! I too love Nanette!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Lesa said...

Love the dress and the hair. I splurge on handbags and sometimes on shoes. thanks for the info about the necklace.

Clare said...

Holy crap you look AMAZING. Seriously AAAMMMMAAAZZZINNNGG! I think this dress was actually made with you in mind.

Tina said...

This dress fits you like a dream, and I like all the little details like the slit in the bust. And honestly, I think your modesty is paying off b/c it looks smashing with the cardigan.

As far as spending money, Erin (Work With What You've Got) and I were talking about this just last night at dinner. I was having a hard time thinking about what I will spend on until I saw your post and you mentioned bras. I will definitely spend for nice undergarments b/c the girls need quality or they would be in my belt. TMI? Sorry.

hillary said...

Tina thank you!
Not TMI at all. The gals need to be harnessed! I was 299 before I spent more than 30 bucks on anything!

Clare thanks!

ms. b thanks! you have a great weekend too!

masami Yes no cheap coats in your weather! omg I think mines bad but I know you guys have it MUCH worse.

Lorena. Thanks I agree. I don't go into Nanette the store but I hit Saks that hasthe wicked good sales on Nanette!

Hailey. thanks! I don't spend on jewelry myself but I encourage it in the mister. ha.

anna bananas MWAH

Kasmira. This was the only cami I already owned that fit this dress. I just bought the dress and was impatient to weatr it No worries I don't go out in public subjecting people to me without the cardigan. Too shy.

Kelly I actually want to talk to you regarding getting one of those bras that you can let hang out like a cami but its a bra. I know you are the expert!

BAM the quality thing is hard when you are a cheapskate like me. YOu need to get the husband to think its a good idea then it makes it easier. Once dave was selling me on it I got on board.

Sal it is a Triad huh? I totally agree. Its the hat trick of clothing.

Thank you so much everyone! mwah!

Lemondrop Marie said...

I have to agree with Sal, but the top of the triad for me is a handbag that I will love and carry for a while with pride!
I am also shy about cleavage,etc. at work (you and I work in the same sort of environment) so I love your cardi with the dress, and the cami is ingenious.
Hair is LOVELY!
5 stars!

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I love shopping so much that I hardly buy anything at full price or name brand or of super quality. (Most of my shoes are of the Payless variety because I like to change my shoes every season.)

They have been two types of shoes I have invested in and they are a good pair of snow boots and a good pair of athletic shoes.

I also think it is absolutely necessary to splurge on a winter or leather coat. I have a black winter coat I've been wearing for over ten years (with only having to resew the button once).

I also, I hardly have any clothing items in my closet that is older than 5 years except for two cardigans.