Friday, August 28, 2009

Fashion with a side of sadness.

Today's pose is horrifically awkward. Who picks their leg up while grabbing a book? I get uncomfortable just standing there infront of the camera. Also head on you couldn't see my heel. Ah. I kinda like it even if its unrealistic.

Dress Anthropologie
Shoes Michael Kors (they are the creepy pony ones. I coincidently touched them today spent 5 minutes scratching my hand I was so wigged out)
Bangles Gap
Necklace Tiffanys
Silver hoops High Gear
Sweater Gap Its new they have all these great sweaters right now. I might of changed a bit in size but I found they ran VERY large. I don't know why but I have this thing with only buttoning one but it photographs like I can't. I can I assure you I just feel uptight all buttoned up.

This dress is SO hard to wear. its heavy corduroy but its short sleeve. it has to be an ideal 65-72 to be comfy in it. Today is that day. YEAH! I didn't wear what I planned when i woke up and checked the weather. I thought OOOH Orange dress weather!

You can see me in my commuting shoes testing the camera today. Works for sweater detail too. My work is SO COLD.
IMG_4139big silver hoop earrings3 color metal bangles gapmichael  kors leopard platforms

Previous times I have worn this dress.

Orange you glad?Its orange I promise. (*see half way down comments for real color)

Yesterday while I was in my dentist's chair the receptionist yelled how it was time for the motorcade for our former state Senator Ted Kennedy to go by. So we joined everyone on the street and watched it. I got a lump in my throat and everyone clapped. The families in the limos waved at the people on the street. They all had sadness in their eyes but appreciation for the public display. I admit I looked for Arnold. The people in front of me are my dentist and hygienist in their white coats. To my left was my Dr's nurse too. (all from same medical building)

My generation has seen so many horrific public tragedies that it sometimes is hard to remember them all. My stepfather has JFK he knows where he was that moment. I feel like I have to many (admittedly he has them as well as he also witnessed them but I think you know where I am going with this.) My biggest I know where I was moments is 9/11 and the Challenger. I was there in Orlando for the Challenger and Crista was a local teacher from near where I grew up. For 9/11 I was in the darkroom in college. We hadn't shut the door yet and a kid came in late to the 9:00am class and told us what was happening. We never did shut the door.

Enough with the sad. My question is going to be on an up note.

What is your favorite EXCITING (not sad) moment in history you witnessed?

I am thinking its a split for me with the Berlin wall and USSR. I am excited that I got to be alive for that. Oh and I would be remiss not to mention the day Obama was elected president!

Edited to add
I am wearing leopard heels today after reading what Becky from Gilding the Frilly said yesterday about thinking of them as a neutral! They really are. I don't know why I save them for black outfits usually! I wear leopard cardigans with colors I don't know why I didn't think of shoes!


Anonymous said...

You know, I don't really remember any major, positive event. I mean, I'm sure I was alive when the wall came down but I don't remember it at all.

Probably, so far for me was Obama getting elected. We stayed up till 3am. His inauguration was a second. I made the kids watch the tv all morning. :P

Kasmira said...

Ooooh, I still love that dress!

I don't have any moments to share since I am sort of current events challenged.

Lorena said...

What a gorgeous dress; i would have never thought it would be "difficult" to wear. I personally love corduroy.
The clock stopped for me about 20 years ago.
The situation was uncertain, it just made my jaw drop and stand still waiting for what would happen next.
It was when US invaded Panama. It was war, woke up in the middle of the night by bombs, there were tanks going by my building, soldiers, my school was closed down and some classrooms used as morgues..
Sometimes I think of it and it´s almost like watching a movie.

hillary said...

Lorena its only hard to wear due to the sheer weight of it not because I don't like corduroy. Its extremely heavy weight but short sleeved. So winter is hard. Summer is out and if we are lucky enough to have spring and fall (which we often aren't) those are the only times I can wear it and not have to wear a heavy sweater or sweat like a fiend.

D'Rae said...

Love, love, love that dress!!!!!!

Becky said...

Haha, the "creepy pony" shoes made me chuckle. They're hot even if they're creepy:)

Historical moment: I'd say watching Obama getting elected and his inauguration. I was by myself for both, but it was really cool. I would've missed his inauguration if I had been at work, but I had flown in from a weekend in Florida and took the extra time to watch the whole thing...THEN I went to work. I'm usually paranoid about stuff like that-I had told my office manager I'd be a little late, but I ended up being way late because I took the time to watch it, and I'm SO glad I did...and my office manager didn't care that I was as late as I ended up being. Win. :)

anna said...

i love that orange corduroy! it makes me excited for school and fall!

I remember watching Berlin wall coverage with my dad, and I definitely remember the breakup of the USSR- it was so exciting!

Some other great moments- being in Chicago when Obama gave his acceptance speech, participating in a school walk-out the day the US invaded Iraq (second time), and being in the papal audience at the Vatican just a few weeks before Pope John Paul II died. (i'm very VERY lapsed but it was incredibly exciting to me nonetheless.)

Anonymous said...

I love that you paired the leopard heels with this dress today. I do believe it is my favorite look for the dress to date!

As for event - not to say ditto on so many of the comments here, but 9/11 and Obama's Election stand out the most in my mind too. They were both days that pulled so many different kinds of people together and created a real sense of community here in the USA even though one was horribly tragic and the other a positive step in the right direction for our nation. Just remembering different things from both gives me goose bumps!

Dave77459 said...

I for one love the pose. *shrugs*

Happiest moment? Maybe it was watching the USA defeat the USSR in the 1980s Olympics... the Miracle on Ice. Or it could be holding my son moments after he was born.

Dang I sound old.

BAM said...

Love the Dress.
Hate remembering Challenger.
Loved my city (Houston) immediately after Katrina.

Houston was very welcoming and everyone was trying to find ways to help. Unfortunatly, that feeling didn't last forever (i think it wore out after a month). BUT, when everything was ass-backwards in N.O. people truly wanted to help without asking questions.


Kelly said...

I have been wanting a sweater like that!! I will have to skip down to the gap this weekend and see if I can get one myself. And those shoes are so fab

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I'm 36 years-old and I remember all of those sad moments you grew up with, Hillary. Seems like yesterday, sometimes.

But my happiest U.S. moment must have been when I found out that Barack Obama won the presidential election. Of all the firsts that black people have had, this was by far the proudest for me.

Maybe also the NY Giants defeating an otherwise undefeated NE Patriots in the Super Bowl. I'm a lifelong New Yorker and I loathe Tom Brady & the patriots.

hillary said...

Keep in mind this is the blog of a born and bred New Englander. I also would never dream of speaking ill of another persons home team as my mama taught me better. :)