Monday, August 24, 2009

The famous dress

I haven't worn this dress in an entire year. Some may recognize it as my blog identity my husband created from a photo of me in this dress. It isn't that I don't like this dress. Infact I love it. It was the first fancy thing I bought when I made my goal at Weight Watchers. The problem is the week I bought it my grandmother died and I had to quickly pack and leave for Maine. This was the only thing I had that fit and was funeral appropriate. My mom was unable to come too so I didn't have anyone to lend me anything. So its always sad to pull this dress out. Katie would of loved it I am sure.

Dress Ann Taylor
Belt Target
Headband American Apparel
Earrings Gift from husband
Necklace Marc Jacobs Gift from husband
Shoes Dansko from Berks

For makeup I did a black cat eye. I need new gel eyeliner this one had shriveled in the pot which means I don't wear it nearly enough.
keep dress detail
marc jacobs cherry watch necklacepatent red dansko sandals
I actually had a freak out on my way to work. I felt like too much and was literally flipping out. I took a receipt from my purse and was wiping away my lipstick furiously. I just cleaned out my purse so I didn't have a backup. I stopped in CVS and got a new lipstick from my lunch money. I have been on a not buying lipstick kick and this was a bad way to break it. I felt so silly and foolish but I also told myself in the moment I would look weird without something since the rest of me was so done up. We all have our moments I guess.

Do you have anything you love that you have bad associations with?


david said...

I understand what you are saying but I thought/think you looked very nice this morning.

Kelly C. said...

1. you look gorgeous, though i totally know what you mean about having a make-up related freakout en route--.
2. oh i DEFINITELY have clothes with associations that make them take on lives of their own...though most of them are happy associations now, since i got rid of a lot of clothes that were given to me by a sociopathic ex-boyfriend i had.

Kelly said...

That lipstick is totally perfect!

I don't have a lot of bad-association clothing. Most of it is good - a dress I no longer wear (and probably don't even fit into anymore) because it was an ex boyfriend's favorite (and I remember the good times with it). Also, I have a t-shirt and hat with my college mascot on it that I had given to my grandpa, and I got back after he died. For a year or two afterward it smelled like his house and I would always breathe it in on a bad day.

Lesa said...

I love the brown and red combo. I have a few things that I have associations with that are hard to wear. I also have things in space bags, such as the Gunne Sax dress I wore to my Dad's funeral, and the cardigan he gave me as my last Christmas present from him. I could never wear either of them again, but I could never let them go.

Lemondrop Marie said...

I really understand (though you look so fab in that dress I would have six made in different colors if I were you)
I feel that way about Christmas. Even though I love it I've lost someone near the holiday and it brings the happy effect way down to lots of Christmas activities.

Clare said...

Okay, gorgeous!!

Love the cherry clock necklace, the FABulous red accessories, the absolutely beautiful hair. You look so fab.

hillary said...

david you have to say that or you'd be in trouble for letting me out looking like a hot mess!!!

Kelly C HOWDY lady! I can totally see giving those up! eep. Makeup freakouts are almost harder for me than clothing for some reason.

Kelly. That would be hard. :(

Lesa I didn't know Katie that well sadly but I can see if it were my gram (see earlier today post) I would probably never ever be able to again. Gram is my moon.

Lemondrop I am like that with my birthday. I had bad memories with birthdays growing up (my mom walked out on my dad being the worst)

clare thanks!

thanks so much everyone!

Sal said...

Oh, lady, that is tough. Most of my clothes that would have negative associations have long since been given away, but I can imagine how emotional it would be to wear that lovely dress.

Lorena said...

I recognized the dress even before reading the post tittle, its a beautiful well fitting dress that looks amazing with the hints of red.
l understand completely how it feels when we associate clothing to events.
Depending on the feeling it will draw you to them or away from them... now you've got me thinking...

BAM said...

Where there were bad associations, I usually ended up keeping the piece, but will admit to not wearing it and shoving things to the back. It's like I don't want to forget the feeling of feeling.

That dress does look nice on you - maybe you just need to keep adding happy memories to it.