Monday, August 17, 2009

Thick and straight across

Dress H&M
Sweater H&M
Shoes Target
Crinoline costume shop in LA
Earrings I made
Bumpit Sally's Beauty Supply

I wore this dress a ton last year and this is its first outing this year. Its supposed to be in 90's today and this has a sundress top with the light cardigan for modesty

black and white shoes patent target
extra twirling
So I am thinking of making my bangs thicker and heavier. I actually have been mulling it over awhile now. Dave kept saying he didn't think it was a good idea. Then he saw the movie and said he now got what I wanted. I know hairdresser everywhere are cringing. I always have had bangs and I always prefer them heavy and straight across. Every single hairdresser I ever saw wanted to "thin them out so they aren't so heavy" and want to "cut into them so they aren't so blunt" or the "let me angle them a bit so they are a bit softer"
NO. I want them thick thick thick like this.

I need to figure out how to angle them on the ends to have some longer pieces that frame my face like her. I have tried it a dozen times to no success. MAYBE I will actually let a professional touch them. (I usually have a DON'T TOUCH MY BANGS policy because of what I said above)
I am not the type of person to copy things I see in magazines or movies USUALLY but damn if I didn't go home and think of 500 ways to be like Summer looks wise. I am kinda a all or nothing person with some things. I want to do it all or none of it. I think thats why magazines don't inspire me often. Its just ONE item I want lots.

Any movie or tv or such that you were so inspired by you had to try and copy it?

The other one that comes to mind is Parker Posey in House of Yes. I bought my first red lipstick after seeing that movie. It was Bobbi Brown "Red".
Le sigh. I love that movie as much as I love Parker.


anna said...

You are totally achieving the Zooey look here- perfect.

For me, hair is always the key thing I try to copy. I am forever bringing in pictures for different bang looks (which of course are totally imperceptible to all people except hair stylists and bang wearers).

I actually have a few pics of 500 Days of Summer and the new version of Alfie- Sienna Miller's bangs. Somewhere in the middle.

anna said...

And can I say how much I am loving your new hair color?

hillary said...

Can you sed me the bangs pic? It's shockingly different but she didn't touch my hair color. She just added the highlights. If you look at the bottom of my head you can see where my colors growing in. My goal is to totally grow it out and have red and blond highlights to distract during the grow out process.
And thank you!!!

Lorena said...

I love this look, you look like a doll !

Ms. B said...

Very cute outfit! I love the little cardigan as well!


Anonymous said...

ok a couple of things
1) Saw the movie, loved it. I know what you mean about her hair. BUT from what you've said, I think you have hair similar to mine. And your ex hairdressers are also right....your hair will just look heavy. I think you need to get a thinning EXPERT, who knows how to thin with thinning shears (none of this "thinning" by layering shit) and cut your bangs heavy, then go in and thin a bit to achieve Zooeys look.

I have had a VERY hard time finding stylists who are competent with thinning shears and who understand the difference between thinning and layering.

2) I have no idea what my number 2 was.

hillary said...

C LO I have to be a brat and disagree. I have had them thinned with thinning shears HUNDREDS of times and I hate the look. I have had bangs all of my life. ALL. (well not until I was 3 cause I was bald til them so 28 years at least I had them) My mom is a hairdresser too. (not sure you knew that or not)
I went to one of the "top" hairdressers in Boston multiple times and while the hair was fine my bangs were never too my liking.

I want that uber heavy look. I want to look like i have a thick wig on.

Mrs B thanks!

lorena thanks! my mom calls me Doll Face

Sal said...

How could you NOT twirl in that fab dress?

BAM said...

Love the twirly pic! That looks like too great of a dress to be hidden since last year.

Anonymous said...

I think Z's look is a little on the wispier side and I think that without thinning, your bangs will always look heavy. But............if that's what you want, do it. I think you have great hair as it is today! I just meant that if you wanted that whispier look, you may have to thin a bit.

I understand.............I know of 1 stylist I've EVER been to know actually knows how to thin my hair. The rest of the time, my hair ends up looking like crap, I hate it. I think MOST stylists probably turn thinning into crap.

Lesa said...

Love the twirly skirt and your red lipstick rocks!

Clare said...

Things that are cute: you. your dress. your heels. your hair. spinning. polka dots. LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

You know....looking at your profile pic, I think your right.......maybe start with trying to figure out a way to get the tapering going on the sides and see how that starts you off. Also.....maybe darker highlights in the bangs? Illusions and all that.

Sorry, I'm really just using this as an excuse to keep looking at the outfit. I saw that dress after you told me I could find good pants at H&M (I'd NEVER been before) and it was $15 and OF COURSE not in my size. OF COURSE.

hillary said...

I just spent a lot of money on coloring my hair less than 6 days ago and you already making me want to color it! ack! This is supposed to last me 3 months haa actually I am growing my own color in. (hopefully but its hard process)

This dress is from two years ago. I hope they improved it since I got it. It has buttons up the entire back and it likes to come undone all day and it hurts to sit on. I am not wearing it again until I can change out the buttons for a zipper because I remembered today why I hadn't 5t45r5rv5r (kitten typing)
I remembered why I hadn't worn it in a year.
Did you find good pants at H&M?

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! Ms. Deschanel inspired me to cut mine thick and straight across. Though, since my hair is thick and very WAVY, it doesn't look quite right on me.

SparkleGroove said...

I'm totally digging this whole look!

Anonymous said...

HA! I know I almost didn't want to make that comment about the color because I do love it. I keep looking at your photo and thinking I should do it. I keep going back and forth on if I want to keep up the red and if so for how long. I don't think I have much more time before I'm a lot grey and then it's a serious committment.

Anyways.........yeah, the dress doesn't have buttons anymore, it was a zip. Buttons would be cuter but I guess not practical.

I DID FIND PANTS at H&M. I only found one pair but I love them, they are a wide leg light wool trouser with that sailor button panel thing in the front. A medium slightly pinkish cream. They fit so well that I had to buy them BUT its been 100 and bazillion degrees here, so they are in storage until it's fall I think. But it gave me hope. I ran out of time, but now that I know I can shop there, I'm going to head back.

Anonymous said...

Totally Zoey - as soon as I saw the top pic that is all I could think!!

Dave77459 said...

You know that I am a huge fan of your bangs. They are a force of nature, and I honor them for that. To me, they are already heavy... maybe heavier than most, is what I mean. Maybe that is their attraction.

But I have a question born of being a stupid man. In your profile photo, it seems your bangs extend far up on your head. If you make them bigger, won't they extend farther? So far as to intrude on your bumpette (is that what it is called?)? I am sure that this is part of your calculation, but I am asking so that I am just a man, not a stupid man. (If that is at all possible)

hillary said...

They only appear to start far back due to I have a very high forehead. My hair is thick so just adding a small amount will thicken them up and not go far back on my hair line. I am thinking a bit more on the sides too.

Dave77459 said...

Thank you for your reply. :)