Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The day I forget everything

I forgot I had a committee meeting. I forgot to post to my blog.
"Huh I wonder why I haven't had a single comment all day. Not even dave"
That is because you didn't ever post you ninny!

(this is the only click to enlarge photo today)
Dress Marimekko 80% off
Shoes Marc Jacobs 80ish% off (forgot. I know I wrote it down)
Necklace Tiffany bean
Earrings I made
Bracelet pandora

IMG_4072marc jacobs black sandalskeep
you can see here better how the sleeves are a folded up balloony fit
So wrap dresses and kittens are BFFs and by that I mean kitten loves to ATTACK. I had to have Dave chase her away as I was getting dressed because she was sinking her claws into the soft silk wraps. gah.
So today's question is a bit different.

If tomorrow you could change your name WITHOUT ISSUE (people squawking or changing it everywhere, let me tell you don't pick two last names for what its worth. NIGHTMARE) What would you change it to?

I am pretty fond of Hillary. I took issue with it when I was younger. Mostly because I didn't know any others. But with the Clinton era it became much more popular. Early 80's when I started school, not so much. My mom calls me Lucy though. So I might change it to Lucy or Matilda. (my online persona on everything else) For last name though I would change it to Valentine and I would have monogrammed heart everything!


Erin said...

My own cats similarly hijiack my wrap dresses and robes with sashes, but unfortunately since my husband is asleep when I get ready, I have to fend them off myself, usually by throwing other things across the floor that might grab their attention.

The day I have need for a pseudonym, it will be Zelda Hopper- Zelda being my great-grandma's name and Hopper after the artist. It makes me sound like a forgotten F. Scott Fitzgerald character, but I like it!

Lorena said...

What a beautiful dress... I can almost touch it...
If I had to change my name... I might go for Laura.
Kinda dull `cause it´s close to Lorena.
I might actually go for a 2 name name like Anne Marie or something that direction.

Dave77459 said...

I'm always confused in your posts because Your Dave™ is named Dave, as I am. Which leads me to answer your question. At some point (the 80s maybe?) I liked Brock. I associated that name with strong jawed manly men. But now I associate it with strong jawed men who love men, if you catch my drift.

These days I ponder a Texan-like name like those you see at Rodeos. Smiley. Chance. But I always come back to Race. Race Bannon was the coolest dude ever, the pilot and fighter on Jonny Quest. Yeah, Race would be cool in a way that Brock never could be.

P.S., you looked great today, and I reckon I forgot to mention that. Culpa mea.

Anonymous said...

This is one of those questions that always points out to me how uncreative I am...I can never think of a name I'd "prefer".......I've never even ever thought of it and when asked I always resort to the same answer: "I can't imagine being called anything else"

It's weird, cause when I was little, I never really liked my name. My full name is weird and miss-matched. And there are lots of names I like better than mine. But the idea of someone calling me by one of those names seems odd.

I'm so boring.

Eyeliah SS said...

There you go, getting comments now lol. I would go with my online name Eyeliah :-)

Kelly said...

Saying that your dress is perfect on you is a boring comment, because I feel like it sounds like every other comment I leave you...but it's true. That dress is perfect on you.

Funny you should ask this question, just today in the shower I was thinking about how when I was little I wanted nothing so badly as to change my name to Kristy after the tomboy in the Babysitters Club. I have to say that I am not totally crazy about my name. I feel like it was a trendy 90s name or something (Kelly Bundy, Kelly Kapowski, anyone?) and I started to dislike it because of that. I met a girl once named Perea (purr-ee-ah) and I think that name is just gorgeous, but I don't think it necessarily suits me.

hillary said...

Kelly shut the front door
I wanted to BE claudia.

Kelly said...

I wanted to be Kristy soo bad! Now all we need to do is find people who wanted to be Dawn, Mary Ann, Stacy, and Mallory and we can form our own babysitters club ;-)

Kelly said...

crap am I forgetting someone? For some reason that list doesn't look right to me...

hillary said...

She isn't original but ae gets books later jessie

BrooklynShoeBabe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Okay, sorry I had to delete my last comment. The typos were horrid. lol.

My name is Rakisha. It's one of those ghetto Black names. For awhile, I wished I had a simpler name like Ashley because people always mispronounced or mispelled or somehow truncated my name. In college, even my professors called me Rocki. Now, I realize how beautiful it is and other people do too. I get the best feeling in the world at presentations when I get up and say my three syllable first name and hyphenated last name. It's kind of regal. lol.

But if I had to change my name, I'd chose my sexy spy moniker Kiki Starfire. :-)

Hillary, Love the wrap dress. I feel like I'm the only woman on the planet who cannot wear a wrap dress.

Clare said...

In all honesty I would leave it. Clare is simply who I am, and I wouldn't be that person if I had any other name.

Also, I ADORE the sleeves on that dress!!

Boutique Girl said...

Love the dress!

Sal said...

That dress is aaaaamazing. You're making me want to seek out more Marimekko!

I'd be Veronica. No idea why. ;)

D'Et said...

The BSC!!! OMG!!!

I'll totally be Mary Anne! (She's a libra!)

My name is suuuuch a paaaaain. Every day at work I can walk by someone on the phone saying, "Dee apostrophe capital ee, small tee. Yes. D'Et. Yes, that's her name." Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. That being said, I do actually kind of like it. It's unique. My middle name is Danielle and I wouldn't mind going by that.

hillary said...

I am a libra! But Mary Ann was a wimp! I WAS kristy growing up. Independent and bossy (not tomboy so much. Well I was in action but never in dressing)

I think I am more of the claudia I always wished I was now.
Dawns too crunchy for me. Mallory and Jessie TRE BORING

hillary said...

erin my meme (gram's mom) was Azelda.

lorena. I like two name as first not last! (speaking from experience I fight with people constantly about it> NO those are both my last names!)

dave johnny quest. YES!

c lo you know I don't even know what your name IS!

eyeliah. Well it does help if I actually POST the post. :)

kelly i grew up with twins kristy and kelly!

brooklyn. I dunno I might have to see you in one to believe that!

clare. yeah I like mine too. It fits me.

sal HA! me and my blonde friend were betty and veronica to strangers as kids but she refused to be betty cause her moms name was betty . I always wanted to be veronica!

thank you so much everyone!

Anonymous said...

I was Kristy growing up too but I always wanted to be Dawn. I probably am more Dawn now as a grown up. :P Ha.

anna said...

I can barely look at this dress because I LOVE IT SO MUCH and would consider hurting someone to get it in my size. It looks incredible on you and makes a great statement!

I would change my name to an even older-lady name: Hazel, Ethel, Ruby (which is my fake name moniker ALWAYS), Agnes.

a cat of impossible colour said...

This dress is absolutely perfect on you.