Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday wishlist item

Ray Ban Wayfarers.
I wore Ray Bans way back when!!! 1994
I had a pair once upon a time. Xmas 1992 me and my parents went down to Service Merchandise and we each picked a pair of Ray Bans out of the display case. We were going to Aruba (our ONLY family vacation. Well not their only. The only one they took me on. The rest they left me at home! bad mommy!)
Both my parents lost theirs within two years. I gloated that I still had mine for years. I lost mine in 2002 in my move to Boston. I am almost positive where they are. In my copious amounts of storage at my inlaws house. Even if I could find them they were VERY bent from years of having them adjusted and it was unfixable.

I had this (bad?) weird habit when I was younger of copying boys I liked. I was under the impression that if I copied them they would think I was cool. This ended up with many bad hair cuts, mannerisms and ways of talking that I am still plagued with now. Girls copied girls they saw the boys liking. I copied the boys. I had it all mixed up. It didn't help any I was crushing with 4 separate gay men in my VERY brief dating period. Never the ones you didn't know were gay either. The blatant ones.

OH yeah so I want a new pair. I realize they are not the best shape for me (OR so I have been told.) I just really always loved them and felt pretty bad ass.

What can I say I want to be a bit more James Spader at times.

Now I am going to be a bit persnickety on this item. I want real Ray Bans and look alikes won't work and I would prefer polarized. (I have an eye issue and after trying polarized lenses I realize they make ALL the difference)

I still feel weird directly asking for things but as my husband tells me, "If you don't ask you won't get it." I am just not used to it is all. I am way more of a hint at person. I don't like to hear no basically so I never ask.


Dave77459 said...

When I read the tweet pointing here, I thought you were talking about Waffle. Oops.

But maybe you are talking about Wayfarers®?

hillary said...

yes. But once I posted it I can't change the tweet sadly. Annoys me when I spell a title wrong catch it and it still tweets the first thing. I have this auto tweet blog post thing set up.
thank you

anna said...

I can't wait to see you in Wayfarers! I love them but they look weird on my face. :(

hillary said...

MnaAnna as you can see from above pic they aren't my best look but I want them!

anna said...

No way you'll look awesome.
My face is so round and weird that only the biggest most ridiculous 60s grandma glasses look appropriate. Speaking of tan lines from a few days ago, I have to be careful about the giant sunglasses tan!

I also can't have nice sunglasses because I am irresponsible with them and SOMEone usually ends up sitting on them.

Lorena said...

This was a really good read with my coffee.
I liked gay guys too, I want to think now that I did it unconsciously.
Think that these sunglasses look perfect in that shape!

BAM said...

I bought a pair last summer and love them. My hubby teased me about it b/c he figured I'd get sick of them pretty quickly as they were trendy last year. But nope. Completely worth the price - they are my first pair of sunglasses not from either walmart or target and there is a difference.

hillary said...

thanks everyone! I tried on a pair at Nordstrom and they felt SO NICE the shape really just fits my face in terms of sizing. (I have a large fat head for glasses)

Dave still thinks they aren't my most flattering though. eh. boys they don't get it.