Friday, August 21, 2009

August evolution

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August 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

I weighed the same the past 3 Augusts.

My hair in the last picture is the same dye as in the 3rd, that is what it looks like when it fades.

Also I haven't really touched the length on my hair (3 tiny trims) since July 2007. Thats how SLOW my hair grows. gah.

This August has been MUCH warmer than the past 3 Augusts. 90's everyday.

I don't own the clothes in the first picture but I do have everything in the last 3.


Sal said...

You have changed SO MUCH, lady.

Lorena said...

I love how you have evolved !
You can see so much confidence in your last picture.

hillary said...

Lorena sadly its only an appearance of confidence. I am so insecure its not even funny. it only got worse when I lost weight. When I was over weight I didn't know i was. I was under the impression I was so stylish and thin. Thats why there is a 6 month gap from my first week of pictures to my next on remix. I left and lost the weight. The big thing that has changed this past year is I started wearing what I like instead of what i think others will like on me. Also with my husband taking the pictures and himi saying how nice I look its easier to relax and look like I am ok. The second I am alone though all the demons come rushing back. I sit at my desk at work and obsess over if I look alright and does this make me look fat. :( I thought losing weight was supposed to give people MORE confidence.

Anonymous said...

I was going to email this but, eff it, I'm posting.

I'm floored to read your comment there. Especially seeing this progression and seeing how your style has matured and evolved. You look like this sexy, confident person that I WANT TO BE today. If I saw you on the street, I'd be too intimidated to talk to you. I've seen you mention the weight loss thing before and I was just wondering how (did I miss it in a post??). You can email me about that if you want...........I'm never going to be able to emulate you completely until I ditch my weight. :)

hillary said...

oh I will tell anyone who will listen and some who won't


and before anyone says "it doesnt work"

it absolutely does if you do the 3 w's All of them all the time too.

drink Water
Weigh your food (you are NEVER right at guessing)
and Write it down

I have written every single thing that has gone into my body since oct 26th 2006.

I eat what I want when I want and write it down and make accommodations
If I have fries at lunch I will skip dessert at night or have one york peppermint patty frozen from freezer

Its not a diet its a lifestyle (i know eye roll) but truly it is. You can't do it for a few month lose and stop. You keep doing it but at times you adjust and get more points or less. Oh and always mix it up. If you have 25 points today make sure to have 28 tomorrow and 23 the next day. Your body needs variety or it shuts down and holds onto weight.

I have stayed the same 2 lbs since june 2007. I go up and down those two.

anna said...

I love seeing this progression- happy remix-aversary!

I will second WW. I lost 30 pounds a few years ago- I wasn't crazy, I ate naturally and didn't obsess over 1-point snacks, and after the first two days I wasn't insanely hungry anymore.

Then I stopped writing things down (for a multitude of reasons) and the weight crept back on- but I was AWARE of it, and I'm AWARE of how to get it back off when I'm ready to commit again. Plus I met a few really great friends there!

Regardless, Hillary- I'm sad you're confidence is still taking hits- FWIW, I think you're terrifically inspiring!

hillary said...

anna you know what it kills me? The heat and dave not being around either of those two things sends my confidence in the crapper. Him starting school in a few weeks will send me a tail spin come oct when I am 31!

anna said...

The heat certainly has an effect on me as well- hence no remixing since school let out. I just braid up the hair and wear the slightest of dresses and SWEAT LIKE A MAN. It makes me feel so sloppy!

I sound like an old Sex and the City Hag, but my 30s are seriously millenia better than my 20s as far as confidence goes. But I will also say I really really downplay my bdays now, too!

hillary said...

anna what if you used a fake name?
like my miss matilda?

anna said...

It's not the name- it's the face.
The kids found my flickr last year which is why it's all F&F now and then put into W_R which is big enough for anonymity.

The thing is that it's not bad or anything, and the kids would probably be really nice because I teach the sweetest teenagers to walk this earth- I would just be embarrassed. I want to be like Middle Aged Teacher and even have my kids take the pictures!

Lemondrop Marie said...

Look at the gorgeousness factor amping up in these! Love the bold red lips and the really fantastic hair colors you've gone with in the last two!

Lesa said...

You look gorgeous in all the pics but more and more sophisticated as you go. I agree with the person who said that they would be intimidated to talk to you if I saw you on the street.