Thursday, August 20, 2009

and the award goes to....

I received my first blogging award from the lovely Tina from T minus T plus. I am honored and delighted to receive it form such a classy, well dressed lady.

In return I would like to give an award to another classy, well dressed lady. She EXUDES glamour in her daily photos taken in the most breathtaking of backdrops with gobs of natural light.

And that lady is Elsita of The Hidden Seed. If you aren't following her already you need to immediately. You will not regret it. She is an inspiration daily to me.


Elsita (Elsa Mora) said...

Congratulations on your award Hillary!
And thank you so very much for passing along to me, it is a read honor.
Elsita :)

Clare said...

Lovely dress. That is definitely a silhouette that suits you so well (it's similar to the DVF pink dress, no?). You look beautiful in it!

hillary said...

Clare they are both Wrap dresses but the DVF has a very full pleated skirt with double the amount fabric. This ones more a straight a line

thank you for stopping by!