Monday, August 17, 2009

50,000 days of hillary

I can't even express into words how much I love this video. I should add a question to my "should I be friends with you" quiz.
Do you like this video? Check yes or no.

If you say no I will have follow up just incase you actually are friend material and misread the question.

I would like to BE her. Like BAD.
We saw the movie and fell in love with it. They are alarmingly like the two of us. I am kinda a ice princess who didn't want a relationship who was never getting married until the day he proposed and I said yes. (He refers to it as the him breaking me down phase of our relationship) Dave is definitely the romantic and I the cynic. BUT in our story I pushed him to follow his dream of architecture. (I felt she wasn't very pushy)


Sal said...

Saw that video last week and adored it, but adored "(500) Days of Summer" even more. What a fabulous movie.

anna said...

heee I knew you would love it. I wanted to talk to you SO BAD about it after we saw it, but didn't want to ruin anything for you!

My fave part? Obviously the Hall and Oates dance scene, but ESPECIALLY when he sees his reflection and it's Han Solo!

Yes, I love this video.

hillary said...

omg the dance sequence was KILLING ME and hans solo? omg. You have no idea how alike dave and I are. I am distant and not cuddly and kinda random and he is the sweet romantic. I will email you more.

Ms. B said...

Love that video! I want her outfit!

Happy Monday!


mamichan said...

And we are the same. I almost made Aaron cry yesterday when I didn't want to give him a hug since I was busy doing something.

BAM said...

Ahh, I can't see either videos! Maybe i'll have better luck at home.

Clare said...


julie mack said...

Check: Yes.

Erin said...

I LOVE IT!!! I want to watch this video every day now. Plus, I want to learn her hopscotch dance to expand upon my very limited, Molly Ringwald in Breakfast Club-esque non-moves.