Thursday, July 16, 2009

Your questions for me.

Answers to your questions. I like doing this! Feel free to send any you got!

How would you describe your style?

I gotta be honest I have a hard time with this one. Someone said on my blog in the comments
And I think that is pretty much me. I am into 50's, 60's french, men's wear and very tailored items. I am also girly and quirky at times.

Who is your favorite designer?
Marc Jacobs hands down. But I am also very into Nanette Lepore. Basically is Nanette and Marc had a baby I would be it. I have walked into a Marc store more than once and said to my husband I would happily give up my entire wardrobe for everything in the store. I am very picky too and he just is very inline with what I like.

What is your favorite shop?
Again easy, Marc Jacobs. But also MAC or Hello Kitty store. All three send me over the moon. In terms of shopping though. (can't afford Marc retail) Target owns my heart. If Target sold MAC and Marc I would never have to go anywhere else ever again.

I feel like a one trick pony. Marc Jacobs. BUT I also love Clarks and Danskos (Only thing I am inconsistent about is my footwear)

or makeup?

MAC. They have the best quality, color selection and price. They are MUCH cheaper than other department store makeup companies. I mean $14 for a lipstick. Stila is $22, Benefit was $18 (not sure now that they redid it all) I also and always happy with what I get there. You can use the shadows wet or dry and they are uberpigmented which is hard to find. Also if you go to an actual MAC store you can buy the eyeshadows not in a pot for only $11 bucks!!! You get the palette and fill it up! Also they have a recycling program. Bring in 6 empty containers and get a free full size product. I depotted all my eyeshadows and put them in a big palette I got during the 25% off sale last month. I brought in 18 empties and walked out with 2 lipglosses and an eyeshadow. Not in the pots it takes up SO much less room and I can take the whole thing when I travel.
Friday night project

What items would you happily thrift without reservation?
I didn't say I didn't thrift. I just get wigged out while in store. I still thrift clothing, shoes, home items. I am just very particular and it has to wow me because I can usually get things for the same price new. (I am a discount MAVEN, no really I am)

Do you have a favorite outfit/accessory for days that need a pick-up?
A dress the more retro the happier it makes me.
Red lipstick.
My monkey necklace is always good for a smile.
Or my cherry name necklace. It always gets people to talk to me. Which sometimes I like cause I am shy.
art and poetry wednesday

Fire in the building, what do you grab while running out?
iPhone and cat.

Name of the cat typing away in the photo under "contact me"?
Daisyboo Marie Sanders


SparkleGroove said...

great post. definitely a repeat performance!

Sal said...

Wow. I'll have to give Marc another look. I love YOUR style, but never really got into his ...

hillary said...

I will say there is a big divide between Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. (his runway shows prove that) I am a Marc by MJ fan for the most part.

BAM said...

I like that the cat has a middle name.

hillary said...

Need something for when she is naughty. Wedidny name here ehr that in purpose. Just one day I yelled at her Daisyboo Marie you get out of the ceiling right now!!