Monday, July 20, 2009

When are you too old for the shorter skirt?

Hard time with pics today. I had to move 4 times and couldn't get to fancy there were kids EVERYWHERE and I am ubershy.

Skirt Target for very cheap. The last time I wore it (which is 16 months ago) I thought it looked like it made me a oompa loompa (see below) so I said I was gonna shorten it. 16 months later I see it on dolofe and said DARN IT I am doing it. So I hemmed it a good 4 inches while watching Angel last night.
knock know hello spring you there?? 3.26.08DSC09731
Shirt Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes Marc Jacobs more details on them here. I included a detail of the fun footbed below with stamped images on them.
Earrings I made
Bracelet Tiffany
Necklace Target
DSC09733<marc jacobs black sandalsDSC09740

So lately in short skirt I have been feeling very old. Also like I am trying too hard.

When is it ok to wear a above the knee skirt and not look trying to hard? I am short and anything below my knee instantly shortens me. But at the same time I don't want to come off acting like I am 23 when clearly I am not anymore. I think I just am working towards being ok with being older and not let my mind tell me "you are too old for this" (although there are a few things I clearly am. Those we won't get into today. :P)

Are there any items you feel you are too old to wear now? and why? Did someone tell you so or are you setting the standards yourself? I am curious how many others feel this way. Or heck if you think you can pull everything off please tell me why you think so.


BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I don't think you look like you're trying to hard to look younger. I think you own your look and are not trying to follow trends. Also, I don't think your skirt is too short. If it were mid thigh, maybe. I think just above the knee or to the knee is a good length for any age. I'm 36 and that's how I wear my skirts, when I wear them.

The earrings you make are beautiful.

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Oh, and I follow the length rules from What Not to Wear.

chunkstyle said...

If you wear something with confidence and you're feelin' fine, I say go for it. Being in your 30s is not at all too old for shorter skirts, THAT'S the truth :) obvy I'd say that though. I wear them all of the time.

hillary said...

Annie You hit the nail on the head. The confidence is what I lack.

Sal said...

Your style has REALLY changed, lady. I think if you've got the gams and the confidence and a shorter skirt suits your personal style, go for it. Even if you're 50.

That, of course, mainly meas above-the-knee. Miniskirts are a little trickier for women over 40. But my 41-year-old style consult client bought a white denim mini yesterday and looks SMASHING in it.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think it's a combo of too short AND ill fitting that makes it cheap/young (i.e. too small, too tight, etc). Above the knee is ok. 5 inches above the knee? That's just trampy.

I want those shoes even more now.

hillary said...

Sal I have great opinions on everyone else and their length its mine I get all relo about. chunkstyle hit it right on. its about confidence. I am working on it. Mind you I have come MILES. (see 16 months ago)

CLO YES!!! cheap thats the thing I fear the most!!!

brooklynshoebabe. I just need to rock it and think "this works on me" and if I think it others will. Right? right!

thank you all for reading and commenting I really appreciate it! Its very helpful too!

anna said...

As a short gal in her 30s, this is something I contend with much. Below the knee skirts just don't work on me. At the knee or slightly above the knee look best.

And that's regardless of age. And for you too! You look great--- nowhere near someone looking like they are trying to be too young.

Work it!

D'Et said...

I'd have to agree with C Lo. I think the ill-fitting part is what will really throw it off. Overall I think the skirt looks really nice and age-appropriate. I like it at the new length better.

I, personally, don't feel comfortable wearing dress shorts (or even capris, really) to work. At home I'm mostly okay with it, but at work I feel like it's a bit under my age range. I think my biggest hang-up overall is pattern. Some colors and patterns I feel uncomfortable wearing.

The shorts/capris has been mostly by observation that I've come to that conclusion. The rest is totally self imposed. Haha. I put on an outfit the other day and went, "Oooooh gross. I feel like Punky Brewster."

BAM said...

I have a tough time wearing tights under dresses/skirts without worrying that I look just plain silly. But I kinda like the look, even if I'm dressed like a middle-school kid. I don't usually wear anything super short, but I like the extra length and it's good for the a/c at work!

Kasmira said...

I'm also short and in my 30's and look best in a skirt at or above the knee.

I think the key to avoid trampy-ness is to avoid heels if the skirt is verging into "mini" territory. I wear flats with my very short skirts.

As far as a shorter skirt looking "too young," I think that's a comment made by people who WISH they could wear what you do and have the confidence to pull it off.

Clare said...

I actually really love this skirt on you both times. It gives off two very different feelings.

The thing with short skirts, I think, is not the length so much as the style. Wearing a distressed cut-off denim miniskirt is very different than a recently hemmed gorgeous feminine full skirt. One screams frat party and the other gently hollers "look at my gorgeous flippin' legs and my uber-great sense of style". I'll let you guess which is which. :)

FashionAddict said...

I like the length of the skirt (definately not too short!), and I LOVE that necklace.

chunkstyle said...

Also on this subject I was thinking today about Tina Turner and her skirts haha. Talk about confidence. And I also agree with the too short AND ill-fitting thing. That is just no good.
I think it looks great on you and keep going for it! Skirts are also so easy and comfy sometimes. I'm loving dresses again for the one-stop dressing awesomeness.

hillary said...

annie. Dave has said if he was a girl he would only wear dresses because its an instant top and bottom. Heee. He also says thats why its ok to wear more. I think I just need to look at the FIT vs the length and work with it. I do admit I think this looks nice on me I just was WONDERING what people thought on the matter.

fashion addict. thanks I got the necklace a week ago at Target for $6 bucks!

clare. You don't think the 16 month old pic dwarfs me a little? I actually have 3 skirts that are the same cut and I wonder if I should leave them or hem them like this one. hrm. Thank you!

Kasmira I think I look better in the shorter ones too. I just wondered how I perceived. (which is weird cause in general I don't usually care. I am feeling old this week with all the new 18 year olds that just hit campus in their minis) thank yoU!

BAM you should totally rock the tights! I have no joke a pair in almost every color (except yellow which is ick on me) Tights are fun and warm! I do agree there is a fine line though Mostly with plaid and white tights. hee.

d'et I look awful in capris I feel you on that! so much. Thanks!

anna I know you know exactly what I meant! oy huh?!! thank you!

hillary said...

oh ha. Did anyone notice the book age and aging right before me asking if I was too old. It was also my birth year. I thought I was terribly hilarious.