Saturday, July 18, 2009

What??? I actually remembered to take a picture on a Saturday?!

I know I know. It is like I disappear from Thursday until Monday. I dress the same on the weekends as during the week. (I am not one for casual) but I always forget to take pictures because there is no routine on weekends. We sleep in and play it by ear most weekends. Yesterday I looked really cute in a fun skirt and we said a few times "Oh we should take a picture" and just never got around to it. So today we did it first thing when we left the house.

Dress $5 at Target. It is a bit large on me (I HATE when people say that," ohhh its big on me" but I felt the need to explain the funny fit on a newish dress) but I got it for days when HOLY CRAP ITS LIKE 90 SOMETHING OUT and it was on clearance and didnt have my size anymore. It is so wrinkled that I actually thought it looked intentional this morning, as if it was pleated. I am sorry but it is too damn hot to iron!!!
Tie off a Target shirt (the one that came with it was too boring)
Necklace from the colorful and amazing Holly Joy 2 the World on flickr
Earrings SOWA markets on Sundays, some cute girl was selling them.

Shoes Marc Jacobs. I got these yesterday for 76% off. They still were very spendy I will admit. Audi from Fashion for Nerds wrote about buying things and regretting them this past week on her blog. This was the opposite case. I regretted not buying them. They were a bit on the spendy side even 70% off the clearance price (that's how it totaled 76% already marked down, than 70% on top that) and I tried them on and LOVED THEM. They have a funky stamped footbed with stars and hearts and skulls, they are actually comfyish, patent leather, wedges and had hardware. All things I COVET in a clothing item. I like me some shiny. Dave even agreed they were awesome. So I didn't buy them and was thinking about it and then proceeded to talking about them. I really talked it over with dave and what did he think and about the cost. We decided that a good pair of sandals by anyone would be about the same price and they were actually $20 cheaper than my Dansko sandals! haha. So he said "lets go back tonight" over dinner so we walked the 1.5 miles BACK again because as he said "they might not be there tomorrow". I skipped the whole way home. I think that is a good example of something that is meant to be. Something you absolutely kick yourself when you walk away from and literally can't stop thinking about. Good thing we went back as well. They only had one in my size.

This hairstyle is VERY out of character for me. I have had bangs my ENTIRE life. No seriously. I never pin them back either, even at the gym. My family always said I needed them with my big forehead so I didn't seem them as a choice. They come in and out of fashion and I keep on keeping on with my straight across, thick bangs.
Always had bangs
Lately my skin has been horrific and with the weather finally above 60 here in New England I was feeling... not so cute. They were plastered to my forehead and mucking up my glasses. (I wear eyeglasses 90% of the time, contacts 10% but I don't like to take pics in my glasses, even these sunglasses are rx) So yesterday I decided to try something I had seen on Ruta my friend I met on Flickr. I kinda like it on me. It also solves the whole "I look like I just pinned my bangs out of my face" look. It looks intentional instead of functional. It was also painfully easy. Now I don't think I will be getting rid of my bangs or growing them out, but its nice to know the option is there and I don't feel weird about it. (well a little)

Now enough rambling. I have a lime rickey that isn't going to drink itself!


Anonymous said...

I'm coveting those shoes from afar. Great buy.

I have the same hair issue........I'm going to have to try that. Every few years I get a wild hair (usually in the summer) and try to grow them out. I don't think I ever will. I'll be an 80 year old with bangs.

Lemondrop Marie said...

I think that purple looks fabulous on you. And you have beautiful toenails! Sorry- but they are cute enough to comment on.
I don't have a foot thing normally.

bridgett said...

i really love the hair, i like your face without bangs.

also the shoes are great. said...

that childhood photo is fantastic!! bangs 4-eva.

Heather said...

Honestly I didn't know those shoes existed before you posted about it here but I have to say I'm really relieved you went back and got them. The reason is that I really think they are you - in the sense that they are classic and stylish and I think they'll go with a lot of things in your wardrobe! Also - I'm sorry but you don't have as big a forehead as you think. I really like your bangs up like that.

hillary said...

heather thank you! My family always said how enormous it was so I am hardwired to think they are. bah.

I think they are me too. I am glad great minds think alike!

eden represent.

bridgett why thank you!

lemondrop. It was a new years resolution to myself I would keep them nice. So I am now trying ot get a pedicure once a month and I literally don't do anything in between, cut file nada. I had my husband add the flowers because they charge extra for that. ha! thank you!

Clo we can be in the home together trimming each others because we are too blind to see our own. haa! thanks!