Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday where I am feeling in my groove

Dress Gap. It is cotton chambray. I stalked it last summer and finally broke down and paid more than I wanted because it was last one in my size. I paid maybe 40 (originally 60) I wear this dress a LOT, probably cause the wrap is forgiving and it has pockets! Someone told me it was on What Not to Wear. (In the after section of course)
Green lace cami Old Navy
Sandals Dankso I was featured on this website because of them
Necklace Cherry watch Marc Jacobs. Gift from my husband. I forwarded him the Shop it to Me email last week with it in it for 1/3 of the original price and he surprised me and ordered it! eeeee (I am not normally spoiled, nor is he impulsive, but he knows my feelings regarding Marc Jacobs and red and cherries and sales)
Heart earrings I made.
Headband H&M kids section. I won't be able to wear it very long. My head is as soft as a peach.
marc jacobs cherry watch necklaceread heats earrings i madepatent red dansko sandals

Ok so this is a bad makeup pic but you can see the headband.

This one you can't see the headband but you can see the lovely avacado makeup
avocado makeup detail
My makeup is a cute little Stila shadow from a past summer collection. Its Avocado with a brown center and a lovely green and white shimmer. I also used a tip I learned on twitter last night. Mix bright blush with moisturizer. I have this bright fushia cream blush from the Ungaro for MAC collection that is lovely on fair skin but can be overwhelming. Mixing it with my Oil of Olay sunscreen today made it a lovely color and consistency. Gives me the "I was just skiiing and came in for cocoa" look I love in the middle of the 90 degree summer heat. hee. I try very very very hard to stay pale but even with my spf 100 I have developed a bit of a tan this year. (OMG I KNOW) If you saw my belly you'd know. But I have had to adjust all my makeup. I usually wear the lightest thing they carry but I had to move up a shade or two the past week. Weird. Well we have been out adventuring more this year than every since we don't have a car.

I am feeling cute today. I felt I had to share that. I am weird in the I don't like to share the good or happy feelings sometimes for fear of seeming vain or bragging. Because I am so not like that. But you don't know me well enough to know that about me. Know what I mean? But I think its healthy to say positive things about yourself now and again. I like how I look in wrap dresses. I also love red accessories. They make my day.

Now I wish I could just dye my hair! My roots OY VEY. My roots are so so so light. I don't know whats under there anymore. I have dyed it since I was 14. I used to have... well, dark red hair. ha!
Matilda - good twin (I know sad really. I should of left it alone but tell that to 14 year old hillary and emily putting every color under sun in their hair) But the roots lately are very fair and there are tons of bright red strands. Like carrot red. Dave says its because I dyed it so long its retaining memory. I haven't been dying it because my scalp is so sensitive. I think I might of got sunburn on it again. :( I might not be able to hold out much longer though! Its faded so much that its starting to not be all one color.

Do you dye your hair? If so how often? Do you have it done or you do it yourself?


Anonymous said...

I love that Dave bought you this sweet little necklace. It is adorable and so you!

mamichan said...

you're still cute now but little H -- squee!!

I stopped dying my hair in 2002 or so. I HATED the growing out process. But now I wanna start again, but I think I'd let a pro do it this time.

Sal said...

What an incredibly sweet hubby you have!

Like mamichan, I haven't dyed my hair in years. Though I'm toying with the idea of doing some home highlights ... risky, I realize ...

Kasmira said...

You KNOW I dye mine. But after seeing Harry Potter 6, and Hermione's not quite brown not quite blonde hair, I'm wondering if I might want to go back to my natural shade.

BAM said...

How cute is that picture! too funny.

I don't dye mine. I've been tempted to highlight in the past and most recently to add more strawberry, but I'm LAZY when it comes to hair. I rarely even cut it, so i would end up looking like a hot mess if I started dyeing b/c I'd never keep up.

Gotta know your limitations!