Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tre blah Wednesday now with more .... yeah I got nothing.

I had a hard time figuring out what to wear today. It was cool this morning. I am not feeling well. I thought hey my denim trousers and my new silk sweater that will be sleek and chic and I will feel like a million bucks with the sparkly zebra flats.
massive fail
I feel more like $1.34. My pants are too long and I had to fold them up. (I freaking HATE THAT, it instantly makes me feel like a fat troll)
All my pics were doing BAD things to me and the colors were wrong wrong wrong. I remember why now this camera was retired from daily use. BAH. Either need to steal Dave's camera back or somehow convince him I need a new tiny camera to replace this one that is very sad. So you don't get a regular outfit photo because I am way to insecure to post them. Instead you get an accidental photo of me checking my pants and not knowing the timer was going off. And you get lots of details. Because the details are lovely. if I do say so myself. (and I do)

Sweater with gorgeous knit sleeves Banana Republic
Cream lace cami Banana Republic
Denim trousers Gap
Earrings I made them
Bracelets Turquoise is Celiac Awareness, Pandora charm, Tiffany heart (wedding present from Dave)
Shoes Target

In other news I am starting to sound a little less like Tara Reid. I still can't squeee though. My eeee is totally broken. This sad squeak wheeze comes out instead.


Sal said...

Ach you poor lamb. Hope you are well on the mend!

BAM said...

I feel ya. I set out an outfit last night for today that followed Kimberly's inspiration calendar. It morphed over night and was all kinds of wrong this morning. Both the top and the shoes went into the goodwill pile. Ick-o-rama.

Heather said...

those shoes are awesome!