Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thursday now with new Friday smell!

Imagine a purple cardigan over this. I forgot to take pic with it on. I used it to conceal the camera to sneak it upstairs. TOTALLY got caught by coworker on way back down. oops.

Skinny Jeans Daisy Fuentes Kohls (hush)
Dress that is too short for even a short girl H&M
Cardigan Gap
Earrings Avon
Nail polish Calvin Klein
Shoes Cole Haan
Haircut. Dave. You like it? I had it up yesterday so you couldn't see. He made the angle more severe. I paused Buffy to show him Willow's hair so he would know what I wanted. Now if only he was better at hair dye! It is probably the ONE thing in life he can't do, well that and picking up after himself but I digress.

I am out of creative stack ideas. There is always someone around I have to do it quick quick like a bunny. 3 weeks and dave and I are back on schedules that allow him to take pics thank god!
I take it back. I did take one with the cardigan. Its purple in real life
My first comment of the day on this outfit was that someone didn't like the pattern. I have to be honest I felt like a train wreck when I left the house this morning. I was really confident last night when I put it together than something happened in the morning light which made me not only insecure but darn upset about it. I really wished I had a change of clothes in my desk it was so bad.
Now I am just eh over it. I might throw the dress in the donate pile once it is out of the wash.
I have my big family reunion this weekend. I bought a dress but I am having second thoughts that it might be too dressy for state park on the water. I KNOW my dad will say something probably to the effect "where you think your going" to which I will probably say "what its just a cotton dress" and he will make a face. My dad is a no frills kind of guy. NONE. Nor does he get why anyone else would want frills because he doesn't. (yeah funny he always taught me to see past my own nose too) He doesn't even wear scented deodorant. He refers to lipgloss as goop. (Someone should tell Gwyneth)

What are you plans for the weekend?


Marianne said...

Ooh, don't donate the dress, I think you look really cute in it... And the pattern is so fun!

Maybe it would also look good with capris or leggings underneath?

hillary said...

I am not a fan of either of those (too short for capri and big bum) but just cause you said it I will try it on with leggings before I donate it. Thanks for the suggestion I appreciate it!

Sal said...

So funny. Whenever my girls post outfits they are unsure of, they end up being some of my faves. I really, truly love this ensemble, H. Don't let the turkeys get you down. ;)

bridgett said...

i REALLY like the hair!

Clare said...

I love this one, too! I just found your blog and I love your creative photo spots! Those shoes are ab fab, too, and I LOVE your haircut!!! Aren't resourceful guys the best? :)

hillary said...

sal, bridgett, clare
thank you all ao much!!

Clare you have NO IDEA. He sews (like entire dresses not just hems), cooks, irons, picks out clothes, designed this website, cuts my hair to name a few things! My photos arent usually here but he and I are different schedules this month so I had to take at work.

Kelly said...

I know that taking the pictures in the library is a pain for you, but I love the library as a background!!

Your hair looks awesome!

My plans for this weekend are super duper boring. BF is going to be out of town so I'm going to do all kinds of fun, hours-long chores that I never get to when we're hanging out all weekend. Like, sweeping and power-washing my driveway. Organizing the basement. Maybe using the carpet cleaner if I feel c-razy!

Amie Eliza Pinkerton said...

I've been following your blog for a while now and just had to comment to say I love this outfit. The dress is just awesome, please give it another chance! I second Marianne's suggestion of leggings. Maybe with a pair of boots?

Dana said...

I really like this outfit. The colors, the shapes, the everything! :)

Farmgirl said...

Have fun chickie~ nice to meet up with family ~ Enjoy~ say Hi it your dad,Ivy~ Gram and Pop for me~ Love you bunches~ Mom

Anonymous said...


I was wondering what kind of camera you use to take your pictures with. They come out really well!

Lemondrop Marie said...

I do like the pattern on the dress, but I have been at work with the same feeling before... it's not fun.
So... have you thought of just showing up to a family event in workout gear? that's as no frills as I get... what would Dad say then?
:) Happy weekend. I am hoping to get some thrifting in since I will be traveling.

BAM said...

I love the haircut and the top too. If you feel a need donate, just call me 'goodwill'.

Hope the reunion was fun. I think that is such a neat idea but no one does them in our families.

hillary said...

Kelly I have the same cleaning issue when dave is around! I just want to spend time with him and we forget laundry then end up dropping it off at fluff and fold! and thank you!

amie thanks for reading! Once its cool I will definitely try with boots. If not I think BAM gets it. ha!

dana thank you so much!

farmgirl! I wish you came so you and I could gossip!

lauren thank you. Well I use 4 different camera. I think it has more to do with lighting and camera settings (and sometimes a healthy dose of potatoshop) I dropped out of grad school for photography and I learned one or two things (I claim to excel at nothing though) I use natural light, no flash, I always use macro for closeups things like that. Most my pics are one my husband canon elph which is a fantastic tiny camera and fits in the cell phone pocket of my purse. My camera is a Rebel xti and its fantastic but heavy and big.

lemondrop. I don't really do casual like that. I tend to overdress for all occasions. Luckily dad wasn't the big issue it was my uncle! My dad called me elvira and I called him on it and he said it was a nice dress and once I said I have a black cat and forgot he had 2 blonde dogs he totally agreed black is a good choice for me!

BAM it gets one more chance with above suggestions and if it doesn't treat me right then its yours if you want it! (and it will of only been worn 3 times ha!)

thanks everyone for reading I appreciate you all. Between the reunion , no computer all weekend and the flu I am a bit behind on things!