Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I love Thursday!

I forgot my camera today. I am twitchy because of it. So perfect time for an installment of

THINGS I LOVE THURSDAY. Magnificent Mermaid Maidens edition.

Julie of Rotten Cupcakes
On her blog she post these amazing little 4 by 6 works and on tuesdays she makes tonal color palettes with fun names.
Check out her etsy store here for amazing pottery and knitted items. I have one of her berets and it is as soft as a kitten.

Megan of See Meg Shop
She is hilarious. There are no other words really. The blog speaks for itself. Just don't be drinking a beverage with bubble because it will come out your nose.
Check out her Etsy store here for upcycled good and groovy vintage duds.

Kimberly of Fab Finds Under 50
Dude have a fashion dilemma? Not sure what to wear to your upcoming reunion? Ask Kimberly she will not only help you out but she will show you how to do it CHEAP! advice and money saving? Does it get much better?
Check out her Etsy store here for vintage finds everything from a Orange Gucci day dress to Vera scarves. She also makes fun accessories to go with those vintage goods.

Other things I am loving today.

* My new camera. It has a timer that will take 3 shots in a row! Perfect for imprompu jolts of inspiration. Witness the results above! (done for yesterdays The Rouge Players.
*My new kitten! She isn't even home yet and I am madly in love with her.
*Blogging. I am getting such a kick out of it lately!
*Google Voice. I had a grand central account for a few years and I never really got into it. But now I have discovered how lovely it is. I put the number on any form looking for a phone number and I have it set to voicemail so it emails me lovely voice mails and I don't actually have to talk to anyone! My digital friends have been leaving me messages on it too. Doesn't possibly get better. Especially when you are as shy as I am!

What are you loving today my little mermaids?


Ally said...

I'm loving the way a good closet purge feels. We're moving and I HAVE to get rid of stuff. Feels great.

I <3 my internet girlfriends.

I <3 my sweet doggie who climbed into bed w/me for a snuggle this morning (Even though that's against the rules). So sweet.

julie mack said...

Thanks for the lovely blurb. You're such a doll!

I'm glad you dig your new camera so much—I've been really happy with mine. Did you know you can set a custom timer on it? I have mine set for a 10 sec. delay & it takes 6 snaps. W_R!

I am super excited for your kitty to come home!

hillary said...

no! yeah!!!! I been using 3 because honestly I haven't looked at book yet. I am act first ask questions later kind a person. :O

hillary said...

I think I need 6 shots cause thats what it usually takes. 2 sets of 3. 6 then perfect!

BAM said...

Am loving my re-threading eyebrows this afternoon. Made me run over my lunch time to get it done, but it was worth it.

Also loving my headphones today. Work is swamped and it's helping me keep focused! Too many little projects have my brain scrambled without music.

Bianca said...

I am glad you are enjoying blogging again, when i first came across you, were getting burned out on posting and writing, but I am glad you stuck with it because I am really loving reading your posts everyday! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love, pumpkin! Plus, I feel so honored to be in such good company!

hillary said...

Kimberly any time toots!

Bianca I was never burnt out. I like blabbing. I just was having a crisis of conscious being part of the oversharing generation. I was having a hard time when I saw people in life and would tell them something and they would say to me "I know" because they read my blog. blargh

BAM I would not survive the work day (or my coworkers wouldn't if I didn't have my heaadphones.

ally purging items in the house is like a drug.

Bianca said...

Ah - i see. Somehow I got the impression it had something to do with the outfits and cross posting to flickr, and rude things people were saying - so that's good. I completely misunderstood.

But how great that you had people in your life reading your blog LOL!

Megan said...

Aw honey, you are too sweet! I love the other lady bloggers as well, not to mention Google Voice!