Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sugarfree jazz on a Tuesday

Skirt Target
Shirt Ann Taylor Loft
Necklace gift from Allison!
Champagne suede sandals Borns
Coat my great aunts goodwill pile.

This outfit is very organic in how it came together. My fren Eden calls this 1950's gay lesbian architect chic, this kind of outfit.

First I off I am opposed to black and brown being put together. I am ok with tan and black or caramel and black But straight up brown make my eye twitch. My husband picked out this skirt at the store on the clearance rack and It is very HIM so of course I love it, even if I wouldn't of picked it originally. But still the color combo is tricky for me. I tell myself its a caramel or penuche fudge color to make it ok in my mind. Then I got this coat for free this weekend from the goodwill bag of clothes my great aunt Jan was donating. My gram saved it for me to go through. Most things had tags on them and were impossibly small. Jan is a sprite of a lady. But I squeezed into a few things. This coat I have to leave the sleeves unbuttoned. Some how it is the EXACT color of the skirt. The necklace was a gift from the amazing Allison or (Ally) (girl knows I love me a bow) and I knew I wanted to wear a plain black top with a scoop neck to show it off. The shirt was free in a buy one get one free sale at Loft last week.

Do you have something fashion wise you are opposed to but have been wanting to try?

I am still not a black and brown fan but I think I at least now see a few exceptions that won't make my eye twitch

I was on a blogging break due to being out of town this weekend and the lovely flu I picked up. I hope to return to my regularly scheduled programs now.


Sal said...

Love, love, LOVE it all! Especially that amazing necklace. What a gift!

I can't do dresses over jeans. That look mystifies me.

Heather said...

I don't think there are any looks that I haven't tried that I want to. In general I've been ok about brown and black together and blue and black - it all depends on the shades of brown and of blue. Another one I do like is grey and brown. They are all classic neutrals so I feel like they work well together.

Becky said...

Navy blue and black! I was opposed to it for a really long time, but I've seen it done chicly and it makes me want to try it...but I'm still hesitant. Love the tan and black!

Ally said...

You look darling! I love that jacket and of course I <3 that necklace :)

Kelly said...

Oooo I love everything about this outfit!

hillary said...

I bet you could. Its probably just the exact right dress and pants though. Though everytime I try that look I remember my bottom is too big for it and I look short and squat which is never hot.

Heather and Becky
what I always say when people say no to blue and black. DO you ever wear a black top with jeans? eh? :P Of course you do!!

Becky I noticed you went to FSU! Haa I went to UF. I won't hold it against you if you don't me!

Ally what can I say kitten you get me! ahahaaaa I called YOU kitten

thank you!

thank you all so much! I love your comments and get giddy when my phone buzzes to say there is new email!

BAM said...

First: unrelated to actual post. I went to UF! haha, I guess the Florida university system put out some fab ladies.

On the post: love the black with brown combo. I used to hate it, but find that its pretty fun to wear and usually leads me to more interesting jewelry combos. I also like to pretend that it makes me look 'edgy'.

hillary said...

BAM I was there 97-02. Art nerd.

BAM said...

I was there 97-2001, Biology nerd! I worked on campus at food places for 3+ years, so if you ate on campus...it's possible we crossed tracks. too funny.

Had some friends up in FSU that I visited a couple times too.

huh, small world afterall.

hillary said...

STFU Totally not kidding you looked familiar in one pic! Yeah I was a journalism student for 2 years then dropped that and applied to art. I ended up doing electronic intermedia.

mamichan said...

Becky, navy and black for me too, before. Until I realized that I wear it a lot (jeans and a black shirt) so now it doesn't bug me as much ;)

H, this is a good brown/black and you know it's weird to me too.

Clare said...

I really love this outfit! I think the black and brown go spectacularly well together!


anna said...

I really love this combo of textures and prints---- professional yet so so sassy!

Lemondrop Marie said...

Fab outfit, beautiful shoes (and cute toes).

Boutique Girl said...

Love the necklace!

SparkleGroove said...

I'm sooo in love with this outfit! I like tan and blk together. Brown? Not so much.. I've worn brown and blk, but it never seems to mesh well when ever I try it. I've always wanted to try wearing a solid color dress, like a 'little black dress' and have on outrageously colorful shoes! I'm not brave enough tho.

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

Awesome outfit! I think you have become my new librarian fashion icon.

2ndly, there are few fashion trends that I just can't wrap my head around. 1. Necklace layering. It just conjurs up images of Mr. T. Also, mixing metallics makes it even worse for me. 2. Bra Straps showing out from underneath tanks. How did this become acceptable?

hillary said...

masami we are alarmingly alike in some ways and I love that about us.

clare thanks! thanks for coming by!

anna you own the word sassy. You alone.

lemondrop thank you! You should see them now. I got red and i talked husband into doing little flowers on one toe!

boutique girl. thank you!

I think thats the trick in my mind the telling myself its not really "brown" change the word change it in my mind. thanks! Oh I think crazy shoes is the perfect start to getting into color! Don't be afraid! I can dare you to do it if it helps!

I actually wear layered necklaces ut all three came together and are all delicate because otherwise it over whelms me I am on the short side. bra straps showing to me is SO gross and never ok.

thank you all for reading and commenting it really makes my day and all this worth while!