Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thursday that is really friday.

Still raining but today we get the added bonus of thunder and lightening and HEAVY fog over the city. Oh and its chilly. Bet you wish you lived here. Sure you do 34 days of cold and rain, its so much fun. *grumble grumble* classically in July its sundress time. Tomorrow is husband's 30th and every pic of his bday in past I have on a dress or shorts.

Jeans Gap
Steel toed wood sole Bastad clogs. I gave up on cute. Too much damn rain my feet can't take it. I want shoes I can kick things in.
Green shirt with nice collar NY and Co
Marc Jacobs inspired windbreaker Target (I am ok with it as its not even close but you can tell its inspired by. I don't like the direct rip offs)
Necklace and earrings made by me.
Perfume Stella McCartney

I went to all the effort to flat iron my hair today and its growing as the day wears on. I did put in a bumpit though. It slid back some though.
IMG_3551bastad steel toe clogs
I have been called "tough" today and it kinda bothered me. Its so not a look I ever try to portray. I have been called a bitch and pissy looking so much in my life. My natural demeanor comes off as hard to many people who take me at face value without ever getting to know me and so dressing like that is something I strive to not do. I have a hard enough time with the face Jesus gave me. (ha only one person will get that joke. Its annoying when people do that, isn't it? the inside joke thing. Eh what can I say its my blog!)
In reality I just have a sad face and pair that with being extremely shy just comes off as bitchy to people. Sad a man can be elusive and cool and a girl is mean and bitchy doing the same things.

Is there any type of look you don't want to thought of as?


rabespierre said...

i'm sorry --i said you looked tough in the flickr comments --i didn't realize that was something that'd seem upsetting. i certainly didn't mean bitchy --i meant more like one of the pink ladies. i get a lot of the 'why don't you smile more?' 'why do you look mad?' stuff from people too --i think because i am shy and have a serious face-- and it always upsets me. anyway, i apologize. i just meant to say you look cute, which, by the way, you do. xx hilary

hillary said...

oh dude no no no it wasn't you. It was at work. Please don't think anything of it. I know I didn't. No it was just a bit harsh someone who KNOWS me said "what are we going for tough guy today"

rabespierre said...

i do totally know what you mean though about people accusing you of being mean or bitchy because of some way your face looks. ugh. i always feel like, this is just how my face is arranged, and i can't do anything abt it!

Becky said...

I've run into the opposite. I dress very girly and curl my hair and wear liquid eyeliner during the day sometimes, so people sometimes treat me like a cupcake. I've got a sassy mouth and a quick wit that usually quells the "dumb blonde" first impression, but it takes some people (coughmybosscough) a little longer than I would like to realize there's more to me than frills. Meanwhile, I love this look! I want a bomber style/leather jacket of some sort. Happy 4th! (btw, I'm loving my french pedicure!)

hillary said...

this photo is very deceptive. its not bomber style at all its a swing coat cut with bracelet sleeves. Its just cause I have hands in pocket. I wear lots of makeup and dress very frilly usually in at least 3 inch heels so people take me as a prissy bitch usually. eh I don't care. bah

Sal said...

I have many friends who struggle with this - the shy-as-bitchy problem. I wish I could think of an easy way to combat it.

At least the people who told you you looked tough are folks who already know you. So they're not making snap judgments.

BAM said...

I think that happens a lot where woman are mistaken for bitchy, when really we are feeling awkward about something.

But I'm with Becky. Anti-cupcake. I work in the environmental field and get really sick of people thinking that I'm a bunny hugging little girl. It can be tough to be taken seriously between being a biologist, being younger than my clients, and being a woman.

There are some groups that I work with that I go "power suit" on even in less formal meetings. It actually seems to help.


♥ Kenz ♥ said...

i've considered trying bumpits...Now I think I will...