Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sometimes I forget I live in the middle of a city

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Dress Forever 21
Sandals not shown Born
Earrings I made
Sunglasses Coach RX
Pina Colada Go Bananas
earrings I just made myself.suede flower born sandals dsw
First time I have gone out with exposed arms in a VERY long time. This dress is extremely daring for me. I was very self conscious the entire time we were in public. Between the exposed arms and very short skirt I feared I looked like a hot mess. Seeing the pictures sadly only added to my fears, not dissuade them. We were only out an hour which is good because I might of freaked out and bought an outfit if it was much longer. Baby steps.
I passed a girl in the same dress. I think that must be common in Forever 21 items which I am new to.

The other day on the Coveted I saw a thing about wearing 5 nail polishes in varying hues of the same color. I tried it with some I had at home and it wasn't right.
Attemted with colors I had in house. So then I bought these 5 at Target and tried it again.

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The one of my middle finger looked more purple in the bottle. I really like the outcome but next time I will put the one on my thumb on my middle finger and a darker purple on the thumb (eliminating the very blue tinted one all together) I have worn one nail a different color for years but I really like this effect. Its fun without being "Omg I am 16 and so cool and look how funky I can be" I will say it takes lots of patience. 5 open bottles of polish one coat at a time. (Always start with your pinky that way you aren't painting over your other nails and smudging them. mime it and you will get what I mean) I did spill one bottle on the hardwood floors. Luckily I have a fast acting husband who is used to me doing things like that.

We spent our Saturday sleeping almost until noon. Eating a crepes with baked apples and bacon with mustard and brown sugar breakfast. (dave made) Watching Coraline for 2o mintues in 3D then switching over to 2D because we both were feeling nauseaus and napping for two hours in front of a fan. Then we hit the Italian Saints festival for kettle corn and Pina Coladas, then I played in a fountain.

What d
id you do on this lovely Saturday?


david said...

Same as you silly. I had such a good time today.
Also, I thought/think you looked great. Pale skin does show up a bit more flat on film, giving the appearance of "bigger" but it's an unfortunate optical delusion.
Besides, it's the summer and it's hot and I guarantee you no one thought you looked out of place, just very pretty.

Lemondrop Marie said...

I think the belt at the waist makes it far more of a flattering dress than you are giving it credit for! And- though I didn't think I'd like it, I sort of do like the nail polish thing. I am just far too lazy about my nails to plan that far ahead.

FashionAddict said...

I LOVE this outfit! It is soooo flattering/adorable. And your arms are lovely, so no need to worry about showing them off.

Suz said...

You look great in that dress girl! By the way, I actually really like the first nail polish combo. I think it looks classy.

softspoken said...

i've been eying that dress for a bit and now you make me want to buy it... it looks GREAT on you <3

anna said...

I COMPLETELY understand the scary move it takes to go from covered to uncovered. But once you get that half-nekkid feeling, it's hard to go back! Cause it's HOT! and YOU'RE HOT!

I know, I know, though--it's difficult to expose that part of ourselves that we are nervous about showing, but I'll say once and for all that your figure and skin look damn good exposed in the broad daylight. And that dress is super cute!

This Saturday I lounged around in the backyard gardening and reading and then we grilled jerk pork for friends that came over. Then we all fell asleep in the living room watching stand up comedy!

(and in the backyard, I wore a blousy tube top, and I was feeling mighty naked, but then got over it after a cocktails!)

Kelly said...

Woah, this dress looks great on you!!

And I love the sandals, too.

Becky said...

You look like a complete bombshell in this dress...put that self-consciousness away, lady!

BAM said...

I have to mirror prior comments, the dress is cute & summery. This saturday was defined by the season: yardwork in the morning, pool party in the afternoon, & soccer game in the evening.

BrooklynShoeBabe said...

I like the dress and you don't look like a hot mess.

This Saturday, I worked (as per usual) and then I came home and fed my children scrambled eggs and toast for dinner.

It is so funny that painting finger nails different colors are so in right now, considering I used to do it all the time in high school (back around 1987). I do it some times but I like to use bright colors like yellow and orange.

Kasmira said...

You look terrific! I hope you look at these pictures again and think so yourself. :)

Jenn said...

I feel the same way about my arms. In fact, we went to Starbucks with me in a tank top, and I had to come home and not only change, but take the shirt back. I'm such a loser.

chunkstyle said...

Totally adorable I say! We are ALL hot messes when it's hot in the city. Anyone who isn't is a total bitch. the end.