Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Shameless self plug

I have been a very lucky girl to have written a guest post over at the Secret Society of List Addicts. I am an addict. I do an uberlist every year. My desk is littered with sticky damnits.

Also the amazingly fantastic Julie from Rotten Cupcakes drew a picture of me! I am sorry but that has to be one of the biggest compliments ever! That she paired me with a picture of cupcakes shows she gets me.

Oh and my web tracker tells me I am linked in the Press Room part of the Besame Cosmetics website!!! Me on their website?? Some one pinch me

That is all for now but I do have more to come! eeep.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage, lovely!

Anonymous said...

I was looking back through your blog archives, and noticed you're Celiac as well. ME TOO!

That's all, really. That and I like your bloggyness.

hillary said...

Sorry I am not Celiac. My husband is. And thank you for reading! I did a really big post about my husband and his celiac if you check the tag celiac.

BAM said...

ha! I've got a couple LONG lists on my plate today. One for work, one for regular life, one for vacation that I'm leaving for tomorrow, and a rather long one for grocery shopping on said vacation.

I like to check things off and visually see that they are done!