Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday where I try too hard

(Click to enlarge. I apologize its a bit blurry)
yeah well. hrm.
Dress that 3 people I know also own. (I don't know many people either) cotton Target
Shoes Marc Jacobs
Belt Marc Jacobs
Necklace Dominique Cohen
Hot pink hoops Forever 21
hot pink giant hoops forever 21dominique cohen black bow necklacemarc jacobs black sandalshot pink marc jacobs beltIMG_2676
So today its hot and sticky. So I knew my hair down would be giant by 10 am. (I normally flat iron it daily) Its now 10am and its trying to curl its way out of my shellaced updo. I made a bunch of jewelry this weekend. Not for the my Etsy shop but more to fill gaps in what I wanted in my own personal collection. (You know the times you think "I really wish I had red earrings to wear with this" that kind of stuff)


Marianne said...

I think the dress, paired with the belt, gives you a great silhouette! And it looks so comfortable too...

Sal said...

Adore those bright pink accents, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

oooo it's my shoes again. :P

I wonder...........does anyone ever walk by you when your barefoot in the library taking photos of your shoes?

hillary said...

not yet but I had a VERY hard time this morning finding a spot to do this. I only take the pic once and reuse it whenever I wear the item. I am building a library of accessory photos.

Anonymous said...

You look ADORABLE... love the entire look.

bridgett said...

i love that dress on you!

Clare said...

Great necklace! You look superb in that dress, btw!

Anonymous said...

Love the addition of the pink belt with this and my heart melts a little more each time I see those fabulous MJ sandals!