Thursday, July 09, 2009

Crazy dreams

I had a wacky dream last night.
I dreamt I worked in an office that was a cubicle farm (I know, I know, but work with me here) and Black Francis worked with me. I kept trying to tell people who he was and no one believed me nor knew who he was. i was horrified and kept having people listen to my iPod. (edited to add: does anyone call him that anymore? Is it strictly Frank Black now? Am I showing my age here?)

Yeah I like to try and figure out where my dreams stem from but this one I am at a loss with. (usually I can figure it out exactly)
Maybe because the fat guy on Cake Boss looks SLIGHTLY like him? Maybe because he is from Boston and I have really become more of a Bostonphile the longer I live here. (In 3 weeks it will be 7 years!) Yeah I am not buying any of that. So I decided it just meant I needed to buy Here Comes Your Man off iTunes. I have listened to it 4 times in a row. I feel like E needs to pick me up in the early 90's (late 80's?) Volvo her parents owned and go driving on the windy roads with the sun roof open.

Have you had a dream recently that you can't place where it came from?


Erin said...

I adore The Pixies and I adore you for dreaming about Black Francis. They are an automatic "Volume to 11" when they come on my iPod, especially "Debaser."

I once had a dream that Pete from Mad Men was trying to seduce me (it was very Peggy Olsen)- a far less frustrating dream than yours sounds like.


Kaisa said...

usually I'm never able to place the dream but I haven't tried much also.
I dream quite often and I love them. they're the best entertainment ever and sometimes I wake up feeling the dream feelings so strong that I have to sort of check if it really was a dream. sadly when I don't think the dream consciously through right after waking up I forget it - I hate that!

- lessake

hillary said...

erin to know me is to know my deep deep love for all things mad men!!

lessake I dream wacky nightly but forget if I don't write them down this one just hit me randomly in middle day I big OH YEAH moment. ha.

thank you both for reading!

Kelly said...

I had such a freaky dream the other day. I suddenly realized that I was going to die, so my BF spent my last waking hours with me. Then I "died" but woke up again? So I tried to find him to tell him that I was alive again and he was nowhere to be found.

It was such a relief to wake up right next to him! AHHH!

Honestly, I really hate dreams. They creep me out, even if it's just doing totally mundane things like dreaming about going to the store or something. I don't usually remember them, but the past couple weeks I've been waking up earlier and somehow the switched schedule has me remembering them almost every day. arggg!

heather said...

calling him black francis just proves how old school cool you are. ahhh, the pixies. though his solo stuff is quick good!

BAM said...

I was with friends this weekend at a mountain cabin and one night i had a dream that we all went Motocross riding. In my dream I decided that I was going to buy a motorcyel and start competing!

I ride a scooter now, but maybe I really want a dirt bike?

hillary said...

kelly I have a healthy dose of creepy ones verse just odd ones. I wake up relived more than not!

heather I agree! :)

BAM Yes I think thats exactly it. You have a hidden desire to be a dirt bike champ! My baby cousin is! Well he is good at it and wins races now and then.