Monday, July 06, 2009

50's inspired on the monday after a long weekend.

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I wanted to rock something 50's inspired now that we are on our THIRD day in a row of sunshine. Dear lord it is magnificent. After a month straight of rain I was a miserable retch. Our first beautiful say was Friday (it rained late in day but at least there was SUN finally) It was Dave's 30th birthday and we had a fantastic day. My friend all made it very special with their well wishes via email all day (I called it project birthday dive bomb!) He got 19 total! (not sure people are interested in what we did or not? Do you come for the fashion or the banter? If its banter you want I can expand on bday)

Big flowy skirt that is perfect for twirling in but there isn't enough room to twirl in stacks. Kohls
Shoes Rocket Dog DSW I had to have them after seeing them on hey hey helen
Green shirt. hrmmm I wanna say JCPenney I went there once a few years ago with gram and I think that is from then. I dunno. I NEVER shop there.
White lace tank Forver 21
Bracelet and Earrings Subversive for Target
I have to be at work a half hour earlier (and 45 min later and only 30 min for lunch) the next 4 weeks and in return I get 4 fridays off in a row. So I ran up to the stacks early in the morning. No one was up there so I tried a few new poses. It was go no one was there because I had to keep jumping off stools and running over to camera. I need a gorilla pod for the DSLR because that has a remote. I tried some jumping photos but they didn't come out and I made a TON of noise on this the "silent" floor. oops.

Is there somewhere you have always wanted to take pictures at but are too scared of getting caught?


Sal said...

You have the BEST taste in jewelry, lady. Love that set!

I'm pretty timid about my outfit shots, and mainly stick to the home turf. ;)

Eyeliah SS said...

SOOOO many places, the seawall, the art gallery, anywhere really outside of my home but to set up my camera and snap away on self timer would indeed be embarrassing (unfortunately).

E said...

Oh Hillary, you did the loveliest make-up today and that green on you is divine.

watergirl82 said...

The green top really makes your eyes stand out...great color on you. And love the wedges!

BAM said...

I love the pics on this post! It's very non-exciting, but I'd love to be able to take pics in the morning at work. I'm still nice & fresh and not too deep into the day so outfit pics seem like fun. I say work, because at home I'm still rushing around a bit!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

I have a picture in the stacks somewhere, but now I think I'll have to find it because yours are awesome...

I love the accessories with this outfit cute.