Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday why are you so dreary? redux

Reusing a title because for the 3rd day in a row its rainy.
I thought we were over the rainy season?? I am very sensitive to barometric pressure so days like this bring out the worst in me. If you have never had a migraine imagine your eyelashes hurting. Imagine hot pokers under each nail. Imagine being run over by a steam shovel. Yeah still not as bad as a migraine. I don't have one today but I have all week. I have had them so long people take it for granted and don't support me in the way I need when I get them at times.

On with the show.

Shirt H&M
Cami H&M
Wideleg navy pants summer weight Gap
Shoes Marc Jacobs
Ring Marc Jacobs
Earrings Forever 21
Bangle H&M
Necklace Orangyredink on Etsy
and for a new element. My perfume choice today. Ginger oil by Origins. I fall back to this a lot because its in the bathroom and the rest are in a drawer in my closet.

For makeup I only went with Dame Edna collection Red from Mac and Coralista by Benefit blush with a bit of YSL touche eclat. Nails is the pink in the Calvin Klein summer polish collection. Its fun because there is no shimmer its just plain bubblegum pink. The yellow was doing nothing for me.

and lastly a arty version of a shoe detail shot. Sorry I am addicted to lomo/cross process SO SUE ME


Sal said...

That ruffle top is so SASSY. Just what a dreary Wednesday needs.

Becky said...

I was thinking about adding a fragrance element to my blog, too! You look lovely despite feeling icky. How often do you change your nail polish? I have no patience for doing my own nails, so I pay the $6.50 to get a manicure about every week and a half. Do you do your own nails? They always look so nice!

hillary said...

Thanks! I paint them as the mood strikes me. So sometimes 4 times a week sometimes once every two weeks. I always have them painted though and have since at least middle school. I used to freak out about chips but I am becoming more chill the older I get.

I am an awful painter but I do have tips.

Paint them about an hour or two before your shower or the night before. Once the water gets hot gently crap off all the sides. I use a fast drying top coat as well. I started taking a B150 multi to try and get them to grow and it seems to be working some.

I sometimes get manicures but usually regret spending the money.

mamichan said...

Origins ginger is the BEST ginger scent out there!

Anonymous said...

I have the same top: it's so cute.

I already wrote it in my last entry: No I don't want to post old entries again. I have no time for that and the comments are just gone no matter what I do but thank you for the offer.