Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ugh I couldn't get my head in the outfit pics and I couldn't get my makeup, shirt, hair AND earrings in one shot for detail. So you get way too many detail shots because I want all the elements shown even if it takes way too many damn photos. (promise I am not vain, opposite really)

Shirt Little more low cut than I com comfortable with and sadly didn't notice the extent til I got to work. Banana Republic. (Its laying funny up top its not pleated just scrunched)
Pants Gap I think (I will check next time I powder my nose)
Shoes Vera Wang for Kohls
Earrings Gift from mom
Glass ring Las Vegas somewhere
Sweater Target
Bumpit Sally's
Perfume Origins Ginger oil

Someone came and ruined what was not fun. I couldn't get a good shot that hat everything right in it this morning. You have any idea how hard it is to set the camera and run over and jump on these things in 5 inch heels and steady yourself in time for a pic? Not easy let me tell you.

IMG_3370photo.jpgIMG_3367kohls sandals
With 3 weeks of rain I have become a very very catty person lately. The grumpier I get the funnier I think I am. This is a bad bad hilarious cycle.


chunkstyle said...

Love this. Those stools would make fab xtreme platform shoes.

Sal said...

That blue top is super sexy!

Becky said...

This blue is divine on you! I'm the same way with this weather. When I'm annoyed, I'm the funniest person I know; no one else seems to be amused. I wish I could wear 5-inch heels...but that would put me around 6'. I like my height most of the time, but damn sometimes I feel like a giant!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Love, love, love the shoes in this one!