Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tuesday. We need to have a talk.

Raining today. Cold today. I am not complaining. (yet)
Insanely preppy seersucker blazer Target (on clearance for $9 from $40)
Pink T Target
Brown cami H&M
Denim trousers Gap
Brown version of yesterdays mary-janes this time by Sanita (here is a little tip for Dansko loves. Sanita was the company that owns the Dansko pattern and such and for gobs and gobs of years they are the ones who produced Danskos and put the Dansko name on them in 08 or 07 their contract with Dansko was up and they decided not to renew it and instead make them and finally put their own name on them. Dansko didn't own the rights to the pattern so in late 07 I believe they started having their shoes made by a new company with their own new pattern. Any Danskos you bought since 07 if they werent old stock they were from this new company. I HATED them. They weren't as comfortable and I didn't know why intil someone clued me in. So now I clued you in. I now buy Sanitas and they are just like the Danskos I remember longest side note ever)
Necklaces Mark by AVON
Earrings AVON
Yellow polish Sunshine by AVON

What are you most excited about for summer? Any fun plans? Certain outfits you want to wear?


Sal said...

Had no idea about the Sanita/Dansko relationship! Fascinating ...

Thanks for the reminder to wear my insanely preppy PINK seersucker blazer ...

Kasmira said...

This is a great look on you! (And a great look on me, too maybe...I shall copy!)

Anonymous said...

I'm diggin' the yellow nails on you, lady! As for summer plans - I'm exciting about going to Chicago this Friday with Dave and meeting up with my bestie and her hubby. We are going to a Cubs game though and that never calls for anything too fashionable. Other than that though who knows what I will get into this summer!! :-)