Monday, June 15, 2009

Hoping my boy will take me to the drive in

Today is 50's day on Kimberly's inspiration calendar. I figured since I submitted the suggest I had to play today!

Pencil dress with top with tone on tone dots and ruffles H&M
Belt Target
Headband I am pretending is a 50's headpiece For Love 21
Silk stocking Fredericks in LA
Shoes Cole Haan (they are the ones with the fun heel that you can't capture perfectly on camera.
Earrings gift from sictransitgloria
Red lipstick MAC red
Perfume Philosophy Inner Grace
Red nails (painted just for today Kennebunk Port by OPI
IMG_3226red shoes cole haan
So I redyed my hair this weekend. (same color I have dyed it all year. It just fades like mad) So on the subject of fading. I have tried everything to keep my color looking nice. No less than 10 types of color safe. I have also had 3 different brands of color deposit where they add a bit of dye every time you wash. Nothing works. Within 3 weeks it looks like a completely different color and not one I like. So my new plan of attack is to not wash it daily. Something I have never been able to get away with is going even one day without washing. But I am going to make it happen.

My current routine. Wash with Aveda color conserve or any of my other color safe shampoos and conditioners every other day and the other days I use Aveda Madder root shampoo and conditioner. When it needs it I use either Ojon spray shampoo or Oscar Blandi dry shampoo to freshen it up (after my lunch time gym vists. I don't have time to wash and dry before heading back to work)

So my question to you is what do you do to extend the time between washing? I am curious others (especially people with bangs) do to get by without washing daily.


anna said...

Oooh your look today is perfection!

I wash my hair every other day, but wash only my bangs in the sink every morning. It is absolutely necessary or they will be flat greasy ick if I don't. Nick thinks it's hilarious to watch me only wash the bangs, too, so the added benefit of laughter is nice, too!

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely stunning today! As for the hair I only wash every other day, but just started that about 2 years ago. Sometimes I go three, but on the third day I spray in a little dry shampoo and it never looks that great (I usually only do this on weekends when I am just running to the grocery store, etc.).

Sal said...

You're a knockout, lady. That dress is too much!

I just wear my hair up on days it goes unwashed. Simple, but effective. ;)

Becky said...

I sprinkle baby powder on my roots on days I don't wash and wear it up! (I'm a blond, though, so the baby powder just makes my hair look lighter...I don't know how it'll work on darker hair.) If I want to wear my hair down I HAVE to wash it-it's very fine and looks dark (in a greasy way) if I don't wash it every day.

Heather O said...

i use special effects, so it comes as a liquid. that means i can put it in my conditioner bottle and 're-touch' every time i wash my hair. if you can switch to a colour that is liquid, you could do the same.

fabulous outfit btw...

i bake all the time, it is my hobby, but yeah, more people should bake thank-you!

Anonymous said...

I wash every other day, I keep my hair a similar shade to yours. I use pureology, which seems to help, but honestly I think reds are just destined for early fading. I've been dying red for 15 years and havent' found anything that keeps a true color for longer than 4 weeks, my current pureology routine is the best I've found so far. I just wash every other day. Generally on the non-wash day, my hair is up in some way. I generally just use a washcloth and take a pass over my bangs when I'm washing my face to get the surface grubbiness off, and I also make sure to wash my face at night AND at least rinse in the morning so the oils from my face aren't weighing down my bangs. I think it takes getting used to, after doing this routine for a couple of years, my hair seems to have adjusted and it's not really a problem. In fact, my hair gets unruly when I wash it daily now. Go figure.

hillary said...

This is all very helpful thanks everyone!

I don't wear my hair up often because I am a migraine sufferer and my hair is very thick and heavy and by half way thru the day when its up it always hurts and I get an awful headache.

I use pureology too! I decided for me it wasn't worth the money to buy another when this one runs out. It doesn't seems to really clean my hair. It might have something to do with the thickness or my water which I really am leaning towards.

I like the washcloth idea. I think I will try putting it in a showercap and doing the washcloth thing this week and see how it works out. I need to keep it vibrant! I hate dying it so often!

thx all!

Marianne Phénix said...

Oooh, love today's look!

I know about color that fades... I always seem to dye my hair with red-ish tones! I use this product: and it leaves my hair all soft!

Kelly said...

So pretty!

No tips that others haven't already covered. I did just get a showerhead water filter, and I have high hopes for that, but I haven't had it long enough to say whether it will actually help extend the time between dye jobs or not.