Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday now with more musings!

Pants Gap
Shirt Banana Republic
Cardigan Gap (I need something Old Navy for the hat trick)
Shoes Miss Capri for Target (they have rhinestone turtles)
Bracelets Pandora and Tiffany
Earrings I made them
Ring MFA store.

The cardigan is this insane vivid purple with lots of blue in it. Dave's camera didn't get it right so I ganked a pic off gap something in that color as its a popular one this season and my new favorite color.

Like my New Jersey housewife chic pedicure? Heeee. I couldn't resist I got to a salon in my little Italy neighborhood and ALL the girls in the chairs were getting it and I thought WHY NOT?!! I kinda like it even if it doesn't say HILLARY

I little 16 yr old emo but the shirt more head on.
OK so here is the deal. I am not 100% ok with my weight. (ugh another woman who worries about her weight tell me something new I know) So I love the idea of tunic fits IN CONCEPT and I love how they look hanging on the rack and on some other people. I continue to buy them. Such as this freaking gorgeous pale pink silk and cotton shirt. It was so pretty hanging there in the store. I tried it on and loved it. But then I got it home and I tried it on with a dozen things and I kept disliking it all and it dawned on me. Its because when shirts aren't fitted I fear I look fat or dare I say pregnant in them. There is no denying I have large ahem yeah so if its not nipped below that I think the worst. I think people look at me and think "Oh hillary put on weight" I know thats such a stupid thing to think and I wish I didn't but to be honest I do. I worked really hard a few years ago to lose weight. I have kept it off since June 2007. I gained 4 lbs in the past few months (since I joined gym) and I can't shake them no matter what I do or eat so I am in uberobsess mode. I hate this feeling. But enough whining!
On to the pants. I am the exact height of the average American woman. 5'3" and a little change. So being that I am the average why is it that no pants that are average fit me? They are always WAY too long and petites that are for 5'4" and under are starting to be TOO short. WTF what am I supposed to buy I ask you? Yeah yeah I can hem but I SHOULDN"T HAVE TO! I am the average size!!! MORE women are my height than any other! So I tend to not look good in capris. ( A pair here and there are acceptable but usually I look stumpy) also my dear friend George told me flat out one day "I hate you in capris don't wear them" (gotta love a frank friend) so I avoided them like the palgue. And ankle pants? yeah they never have fit me. Til yesterday and well they are actually a little longer than they are "supposed to be" according to the women on the company site but whatever. I do not call these ankle length. I call them "all about the shoes" length or the alternate title "My office is freezing but I want to feel summery and not wear winter pants year round".
My husband's intital reaction when I came out in them was "huh I don't know what I think" I said its because you haven't seen in these often. I also then stood on tiptoes and said "Imagine if you will a killer shoe" The lightbulb turned on then and he got it. So I got them and I really like them and how they look in the photo even. They have a cute tie on the butt too.

Is there a particular type cut you don't like on yourself?
for me obviously as I said its capri and tunic cuts.


Sal said...

Not wanting to look pregnant is NOT a crime! You’ve learned what flatters your figure, and you’re smart to stick to the styles that accentuate your best assets. End of story.

As for me, I look a fool in a babydoll dress. A FOOL, I tell you!

anna said...

Oh girl I hear ya all the way around- but I live this Playful outfit on you!

There are lots of no-nos for me- short AND short-waisted AND too big chi-chis.

But I am glad you asked this because it goes hand in hand with a discovery last night. I love sheath dresses, especially ones with Mexican and Hawaiian prints. Unfortunately with aforementioned body, they make me look like a miniature version of Gilbert Grape's mother.

But last night- sis sewed elastic smocking into would be waist of my fave embroidered dress and Ta-da!

Sorry for the thread jack, but I am over the mooooon. So the answer is sheath dresses before I get my sis to tailor them for me.

Becky said...

Tunic cuts for me, too! My ahems are on the larger side as well, and I'm not nearly as fit as you are in the mid-section area, so the pregnant thing happens A LOT to me. That still doesn't stop me from constantly bringing tunic-y items into the dressing room, and then getting ANGRY at them. Also, those cute smocked skirts that look so fun and flirty for summer. They make me look like a mushroom walrus. True story. I love your turtle wedges and your RHoNJ french pedicure! I haven't had one of those in ages, but I kinda like it every now and then...I might just get that done when I get my toesies done the next time for old times' sake!

hillary said...

never a thread hijack I live for comments!!!

backy do it we can be sister nj housewifes and get cawfee

BAM said...

I have teensy "ahems" but still can't do the loosey goosey tops. They just accenuate the tummy. I try to fight it, but I'm always upset at my little pooch. Every woman in my family has it.
I keep trying on those maxi dresses and YUCKO, they are not cool with a little pooch.

I've found that slightly fitted tops that nip in the tiniest amount are usually flattering. In cooler weather, an open cardigan/button down/coat is great for creating a nice vertical (not horizontal) line...

BAM said...

Oh yeah, You are being too hard on yourself. I really like the pink top on you. It's cute without being cutesy.

mamichan said...

Pants suck. I learned how to hem my own when I was 15 because I got sick of paying the seamstress. I think cropped pants make short girls looks shorter but I still like them. But it's hard to find ones the right length without having to fix it.

I have a really long torso so I don't like high-waisted styles or cropped shirts. I also don't wear big prints, I think it overwhelms my shortness.

But I've come to realize no one else notices these things. We really are our own worst critics.

Becky said...

Idk...cawfee makes me wanna throw stuff and get fake bubbies. I actually haven't caught up on my RHofNJ, and I feel kinda bad...those ladies need all the support they can get! French pedi is happening TONIGHT. You've inspired me. :)

dawn said...

The only pants that fit me are J-Crew X-Tall and Gap also has X-Tall (sometimes). So that's why I primarily wear skirts, because length is negligible. I have a 36" inseam.

I can't wear dresses, because the waist is always up on my rib cage, because I'm 6'1". Sometimes a normal dress will look kind of like an empire waist baby-doll looking thing, and I can rock it. But not the way it was designed to be rocked.

Tunic shirts are pregnancy shirts on everyone. I understand it's in style now, but I won't wear them, which is not to say it doesn't look good on you, because you are fabulous, I'm just sayin' I kind of agree with you. I'll be glad when they go away. Women should not look pregnant.

hillary said...

dawn As much as I dislike it I bought another damn tunic cut shirt. I will never learn. I am sure I will put it on and complain again!

throwing stuff is therapeutic really!

I hem mine too but I am sick of it! I want change in the clothing industry (preaching to choir I know!)yeah others don't or they are good at lying. (looking at you dave)

bam thanks :) Not hard really just honest about my likes and dislikes when it comes to things on me.

sal I think it is a crime they make the clothes that make us look like that. hee

ramble away I loves it.