Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday now with more pictures!

Cardigan New York and Company
Cami Old Navy
Jeans Banana Republic
Purple shirt Gap
Shoes Target
Necklace Mark by Avon
Ring MFA store
Perfume Inner grace by Philosophy. Honestly I put it on because it was also purple.

alternate view. Better ?
I cut Dave my husband's hair really short last night in exchange for something from Mac. (Hey a hairdresser would cost a ton more! ha!) So he decided it was time to shave off the beard and mustache. I have known him since he was 16 before he could grow a beard but its still like he is a new man. I forget about his cleft too. He is a grown man so he can shave it or keep as he pleases but the only thing that bothers me is it always looks like I am robbing the cradle when he shaves. Bet you didn't know I was married to a 24 year old!

He had ironed a soft blue shirt to wear today and even had it on. But once I got dressed he went and grabbed another shirt and ironed that one. As we were walking out the door I asked did you put on purple to match me? Yup. Nerd. He wouldn't do a formal clothing shot but he did pose for this with his coat on.

Coat Banana Republic
Shirt Target
Pants Banana Republic
Shoes Clarks
Hat Target


Sal said...

What a cutie! My husband would NEVER let me cut his hair ...

And I never think of pairing leopard and purple. What a great combo.

hillary said...

I've cut it for the past 12 years or so. He hasn't been to a hairdresser since we moved in together 10 years ago. He thinks because I saw a todd oldham bit on house of style in the 90's I know what I am doing...(my mom is a hairdresser but really I just kinda improvise.)

He cut mine a little while back. I blogged about it too. It was pretty funny.

hillary said...

Anonymous said...

God you are so ugly.

anna said...

my dear, you and your man are beauties, inside and out!

D'Rae said...

1. Anonymous, you can just shut it!
2. You guys are adorable!!!!
3. just wanted to let you know that even though I don't comment like I should, I do love your blog!

Sarah said...

Hi! Long time lurker, first time commenter - sorry!!

I love reading your blog everyday at work! You ALWAYS look fabulous and have a wonderful wardrobe! You are totally adorable and inspiring. Hope you have a nice weekend!

T2 said...

An ugly person left that ugly comment. I do hope you just laughed or sighed in pity at that comment, Hill.

...and take it from an old man who's been around the block and back, you are a babe.

Dave is a lucky fellow (and you are a lucky gal) works, ya know?

Farmgirl said...

Anonymous~ sad for you~ as you felt the need to be nasty to a pretty girl to make yourself feel better? That's sad~

Rachael said...


Lookin gorgeous as always woman! Dave looks soo young. When my man shaves he looks about 15.