Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things I love Thursday!

* Thursday!! Yup giving some love for the day! Ah Thursday. Sweet sweet Thursday. When I get to you I know the end is near and that makes me happy. I always liked Thursday nights. As a kid it meant packing for Dad's house on Friday. It was also the night my family always went out to eat. It changed over the years. Sometimes it was Pizza sometimes Thai.

*Blogs! OMGAH I can't get enough of blogs. I read them on the T, on the couch, walking places (yeah should stop that) basically everywhere. I have googlereader full of them and bookmarked on my iphone.
Check some of my favorites in the links at on the right.

*iPhone. I KNOW I talk about it a lot. But I mean who doesn't talk about their lover a lot? Honestly. Its my best friend. My link to the world. My link to my family who are all in different states.

* Twitter. I can't believe I have had an account for two years already. Only recently did I have more than 3 people to follow on their though! It helps my inner blurter. Soothes her when she needs to yell something.

*Lets keep up on the tech train. Google Reader. The ONLY way to keep up with websites and blogs. Also the sharing feature. Instead of mailing your friends 1289 links of things you think they would like, just add them to your share list. The comment feature is so fun too. I originally set it up to share with dave as I was emailing him 12 times a day with links to kitten pictures. This way he can check them when he has the time. He likes to save them up and do a bunch at once.

What do you love this Thursday?


♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Well, I am in love with my iPhone too, but I'm totally not synced in with Google Reader so I think I'll do that when I'm not commenting. ;)
It does make so much sense.

Also, I love Twitter, but it's more fun now that more friends are hooked in. Yay!

Also, have you updated your iPhone to OS 3.0?! I'm even more in love today than I was a week ago. hehehe

Jess said...

We love a lot of the same things!

- iPhone: I'm having a lot of fun exploring the new features of the 3.0 operating system that I updated to yesterday. I love my iPhone, it is my baby and I never go anywhere without it.

- Google Reader: Ever since the iPhone app Byline got updated a few months ago it has been working perfectly for me. Now I can get my RSS/blogs fix from anywhere and it syncs up with Google Reader so I don't have to re-read tons of posts! yay!

- Getting over the horrendous head cold I have had for almost a week.

- Blogging...I've had some great things posted this week (I blog about tech)

- Friends - I've had a crappy week and all my friends have been so supportive of me...they have also put up with my complaining about my head cold and work stuff on Twitter. lol

Marianne Phénix said...

I love thursdays too...!

And I have to add that I am completely in love with Google Reader ever since I discovered it... It's fantastic... but evil! I discovered today that I'm following something like 240 sites (including a *lot* of fashion blogs)!

Katie said...

I love my kitties. Worried that Skitty isn't meowing right now. If he still isn't in the morning, I'm bringing him in to the vet.

I also love my new room setup, I've changed, I've learned, but I think that this is the best one yet. Had to learn that I can put some things away, don't have to use everything I own.

I love my family, they're amazing, and sometimes I wish that I were a reach-out communicator more with them.

I love my community here in Houston. They're all so talented and nice and they generally support each other very thoroughly.

Eyeliah SS said...

oh cool, I hdon't have anyone added on my google reader yet, can I add you? :-)

hillary said...

Kenz. I did update! I was so anxious and there wasn't as much to do as I hoped but I LOVE my copy and paste!

Jess I don't either. I go it goes! Off to check out your site I love me some techy stuff.

marianne. You have me beat! I was at 180 last I checked!

Katie. I love your kitties too!

Haliey. Feel free to add me. But ONLY if you are not bothered by snarky commentary because there is lots of it on my greader! My email is at the top of the blog. (put it here and trolls nab it)

Rachael said...

What's the benefit of using Google reader over checking updates in your blogger dashboard? I'm curious, a lot of people use it and I want to know why :)

hillary said...

it is really well set up and you can share things with friends and comment and forward and people can share things with you. Its very addictive.