Monday, June 15, 2009

Thing I want to do this summer (alternate title 31 before I turn 31)

1. Aquarium with gram and pop.
2. Cecile at the beach.
3. NYC to visit emily and meet e?
4. Get mom up here.
5. Look fantastic for family reunion. (they are all gossips)
6. Visit Katie & Willies grave. Take photo.
7. Spent at least one weekend with dad and Ivy sitting on the porch and talking way past sunset.
8. Grilled corn.
9. Get our kitten.
10. MFA
11. Lunches outside. (in shade)
12. Sowa markets on Sundays.
13. Freedom trail (I'm dubious about this)
14. Keep up date night every week.
15. Have a fantastic fun filled 30th for dave.
16. Blog more (I have ideas aplenty I just need to do it)
17. Go through all those shoes I never wear. It's embarrassing how many there are in closet.
18. Bake cookies.
19. Make it 50 books before end of year.
20. Donate books I will never read again.
21. Harry Potter!!! At actual movie theater.
22. Find new gluten free restaurant we both love.
23. Take more creative photos.
24. Polish my resume.
25. Finish Buffy series.
26. Finish a tube of lipgloss (odd goal but I need to do it)
27. Donate all the clothes I don't or won't wear again this year. (coats too)
28. Swimming.(buy season pass to pool??)
29. Crane's beach and the orchard.
30. Ben folds and Boston pops.
31. Summer movies on the common at least once.

I am an uberlister each yeah (109 for this year) but this number was tailored to being finished by my birthday in Oct which inspired by Yes and Yes' Sarah's list 30 before 30.


Lesa said...

Love the list, I am going to make my own now.

hillary said...

if you do please link me to it I would love to see it.