Monday, June 08, 2009

Monday why are you so mean?

I am well aware of what I said here regarding said marimekko and danskos. I still feel that way. Strongly. But some days you just have to do it. At least they give me a little over 2 inches thats something right?

If I am going to sneak around taking my own pics I need to establish a system because right now I improvise and half the pics are unusable

Dress Marimekko I got it for an insane deal but its still one of my most expensive items of clothing. The CPU is down to $45 though! The sleeves fold up in and blossom out and the skirt is full full for twirling.
Lilac cami H&M
Purple flower earrings SoWa market this weekend. She is on etsy if anyone is interested I will find the card in my purse.
Danskos gah? I dunno Walking company?.
Ring High Gear

I did a pretty purple eye today so I could be matchy vonmatchy pants.

I had decided that today was the day I didn't buy a coffee and would go with tea instead. Today is the day I need coffee more than almost any day ever. So goes life. I had a lovely and busy weekend that involved a trip to the coolest vintage store ever and some outdoor markets. But more on that latter.

What did you do this weekend?


Sal said...

Ahh, Marimekko ... SUCH glorious prints and designs. This dress is no exception!

Becca said...

I love the sneaking library pics! They are coming out pretty well.

I found some super cute summer shorts at Delias this weekend. Yep. Delias. The fitting room was full of highschoolers, but they are fun shorts and I wasn't going to let 16yrolds scare me off.

Anonymous said...

You look like a multi colored bag of zit cream in this fluffed up excuse for a dress. And the flat shoes make you look like a raging lesbian.