Sunday, June 21, 2009

It is officially summer so time for a itty bitty giveaway!

Since it is summer now (not that you would know it in 63 degree New England BAH) I thought this was a perfect time for a small giveaway. Now I warn you its nothing big so don't get too excited.
I will be giving away two Avon products.

SKIN SO SOFT Fresh & Smooth Silky Stay Shave Gel

and Foot Works Therapeutic Cracked Heel Relief Cream

I chose these two products as I personally really like them for summer. Now ladies and gentlemen there is nothing worse than gross feet. I am not talking about genetic things such as longer middle toe or webbed feet, I am talking about uncared for feet. If you are going to wear flip flops or sandals I beg of you take care and clean your feet. You were only given two and you expect them to carry you here there and everywhere why not take ONE MINUTE and do something nice for them? I like to slather this cream on and put on a pair of socks and go to bed. If you can't sleep with socks on do it while you are watching tv or reading in the evening. You will have the most soft and supple feet. Make sure to wash your hands though. It has "soothing lidocaine" in it.
The shave gel is just another product I really enjoy. Its a thick gel so it doesn't slide off your legs while you are trying to shave. Personally I find it annoying that by the time you got to your knees and the shave cream all but slid off!

Ok enough rambling! How to enter!
Please leave a comment with
How you found my blog: (if you know me say that!)
Favorite "beauty" tip:
If you don't answer all the questions I will not accept it as an official entry. Sorry!)

I will get you started with some of my favorites.

I use the conditioner that comes with my hair dye to shave my legs when I am out of shave cream or I throw it in my overnight bag for the weekend.
I wash my delicates and makeup brushes in baby shampoo.

A winner will be picked at random on Thursday. To make it interesting you are allowed to enter more than once. In additional entries you must put a unique tip that wasn't already entered by another person.


Megan said...

Name: Megan!

How I found your blog: flickr profile? You just linked me? I dunno, just know you and love you and therefore love your blog.

Favorite beauty tip: When my lipstick tubes get low I transfer the rest of the stick to a "pill a day" case. That way I can carry around seven different kinds and just apply with a lipstick brush.

laniza said...

Name: Lana (The Chocolate Wonder on flickr)

How I found your blog: um, I think through Kimberly's blog?

Favorite beauty tip: Drink lots of water for healthy skin :)

Anonymous said...

Name: Kimberly
How I found you: flickr
Tip: baby wipes - I love to have the fragrance free ones on hand. I use them for all sorts of things from wiping the majority of my eye makeup off before washing my face to keeping the excess hair dye wiped up from my hairline when I dye my hair.

P.S. Love these products! The shave gel is my favorite.

Becky said...

How I found your blog: I believe I found you through Kimberly's blog...or Sal @ Already Pretty.
Tip: I use vaseline as eye makeup remover; it's cheap, it lasts forever, and it works even on waterproof mascara! Just dab around the eye area and swipe away with a piece of tissue. I give credit to my mom for this tip!

BAM said...

Name: Becca

How I found you: I can't remember. I'm sure it was through either Kimberly or Sal's blog.

Tip: It's not really a secret, but I love selftanning foam. I'm religious about putting it on and never have to worry about last minute skirt or sleeveless shirt wearage. I even have a selftanner for my face. It's good for looking summery, but keeping suncancer at bay.


mamichan said...

Thru flickr originally.

I like putting eye cream/gel in the fridge so the cold can de-puff my eyes.

david said...

Name: Dave
How you found my blog: "Dave, go to my blog..."
Favorite "beauty" tip: it's not much of a tip but i recommend using those oil blotting papers, especially in the summer, makes a huge difference. greasy and shiny to cool and collected in the amount of time it takes you to duck your head under your desk.

bridgett said...

Name: Bridgett
How I found your blog: julie mack!
favorite beauty tip: not really beauty tip but my boyfriend started me on this: checking my teeth after eating in my reflection in my cell phone. that way i don't have to ask others if i have something in my teeth.

Anonymous said...

My name is Elizabeth Ann, and I found your blog through your review of some Danskos on My secret beauty fix: toothpaste. It's great as an on the spot acne treatment or to hide redness when worn under foundation or concealer. Sounds weird, but works and smells minty fresh to boot.