Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday now with more twirling!

Had a dentist appointment today that they didn't bother to call me to cancel. Its pouring out and 60's So I added lace tights under this. You can just see them a bit here. I had to do this SO fast because I kept hearing people coming.

Skirt Kohls
Shirt Ann Taylor loft
Cami Its red and white stripe and under see thru shirt so its kinda fun in person. H&M
Lace tights Target
Dankso sandals
Pandora bracelet
Tiffany bracelet
Sash American Apparel

For tonight I will take the rights off to make it fancier for date night. Also my office is FREEZING

For makeup I went clean and and fresh with coral cheek with shimmery eye with baby pink lip. (my reg lips are much paler that's the lipgloss)
Perfume Clean oil knockoff
No real plans for the weekend here. I have been thinking about how I don't want to share my life anymore on here. It makes me sad to do that but I have people who like to watch my life from the sidelines and not bother to participate in my real life and it makes me really sad and also a bit selfish too like I don't want to share with them if they can't bother with me. I am really torn up about this.

What do you have planned for this weekend?


BAM said...

Ah, keep sharing! I'm one of your little spies and I love to see how you put stuff together.

One these days I'm hoping to get a little blog going, but for now I just have a lame google acct set up (which i usually don't feel like logging into and therefore, just leave my name).

Sarah said...

Oh, I do hope you end up continuing with your blog, but that hope is purely selfish on my part, because I love reading it!

Hope your weekend is awesome and relaxing! I love your polka dotted shirt today.

hillary said...

Oh the blog isn't going anywhere but lots of the details might.

Katie said...

I know how you feel. I'm thinking about locking my diaryland account even though I've had it for 7 years now. I just haven't been blogging, and the stuff that I normally put in my blog, I put in other places now.

Anyways, weekend plans.
tonight is a movie night with friends at one of their photography studios (Princess Bride)
tomorrow, I'm going to my friend's barn in the country and we'll be grilling and hanging out and ATVing.
Sunday I will sing, then maybe go to a singles mingle. I'm not holding my breath that the guy who stood me up last night will actually call me on Sunday to do something like he told me when he called this morning to apologize.