Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sneaking around the library

Dave is on summer hours at work and has to leave 30 mins after I get up. So either I need to get up earlier or take my own photos this summer. hrm. Rough decision.
I took this secretly in the stacks on the 4th floor this morning. I brought my gorilla pod and hid it in a pashmina and snuck up there. I somehow got a good shot my first try!

I am wearing the wrong footwear today. They so don't go and are stressing me out.

Shirt H&M
Vest H&M
Denim pleated trousers H&M
Holy crap I am all H&M oops
Shoes maryjanes Clarks
"Pocket watch" old lipgloss locket I made into pocket watch Mark by Avon
Watch Kenneth Cole
Magnifying glass necklace Marc Jacobs

So I have been hearing a lot of talk about big men's size watches. Like bangs which I have always had I have always worn large watches. They come in and out of style and here I chug along myself being in and out of style. I have small wrists so by default things tend to be big on them. But I LOVE a big watch on me. I dunno its part of the whole I like men's wear on women thing. You can see in the above photo I like to wear them loose so they move but not so big the face turns down on my wrist, that irks me when people wear them like that. I dunno why but it does.

IMG_3087IMG_3091IMG_3095lipgloss pocket watch

I have moments of sheer neurosis where my thought don't make sense or have any footing in reality. One of those is my husband will realize he is too good for me and leave me. (Dude he is a CATCH) but then there are morning like today that when he saw what I had laid out he went and picked out an outfit to match.
Part one Matchy Matchy couples remix.
Does someone in your life do some small gesture that makes you fall in love all over again? (even a family member.Something that says "I love you")


Sal said...

The watch chain detail is perfect, lady. And I love the stacks as a backdrop!

Becky said...

I love that watch, but I'm a dainty watch-wearer myself (when I even actually put one on). The matching husband made me smile :)

Kelly said...

Love the books - and your watch is divine!

Rain said...

Your watch is lovely! I love the hour-work.

Your husband & you are so well matched! :)