Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cold one yet again.

Gap wide leg trousers
Kohls Vera Wang brown leather sandals
Shell Banana Republic
Sweater Target
Flower H&M
Earrings Avon
I really liked this pose with this treatment. I am aware I overuse it but its only because I love it. I can quit anytime. Really I can. (Ok maybe not)

We have had cold rainy weather for months at this point with a random sprinkling of a warm day once a week at most. The first full year we were back here (2003) it was cold well into June like this and I was working at music school at the time and we joked I was going to start of band called. "Seven Months of Winter" (I trademarked, copyrighted that crap just try and steal it I dare you! :P)

I am ready to wear my frilly skirts and dresses that just aren't warm enough for right now. I want the warmth to show up so I can hurry up and start complaining how hot I am. I had this very strange inkling to chop my hair in my staff meeting today. They were talking about fiscal goals and matrixi (reh) and all I could think about is getting a bob. (again) and I spent all this time growing it out only to cut it again? (for what my 25th bob? literally) Its at that awkward length that it just doesn't lay nicely in MY opinion. I need it to hurry up and grow longer before I get so fed up of seeing it like this and cutting. (which I will regret. I always do) It grow so darn slow. Most people grow 1/2 sometimes more a month! Mine is 3 inches a year IF I AM LUCKY.

What do you do when you have a strong urge to drastically change your appearance?
(I blame the 9 episodes of Nip/Tuck I watches yesterday. )


Katie said...

I chop my hair or dye it. Most often, though, I chop it myself, with scissors, in the bathroom. And the next week, I go and get it done professionally.

Sal said...

I typically chop my hair, too ... but I'm lucky. Mine grows like a weed.

For what it's worth, I think your hair looks LOVELY at this length.

Anonymous said...

To put it simple I ♥ this!! That color green is so freakin' amazing on you! As for the drastic urge to change my apperance I make myself go straight home and wait it out. I know I will just regret it later! Perhaps that is why I have looked pretty much the same since high school!

hillary said...

thanks ladies. I dyed it on Saturday after i said I wasn't going to dye it anymore. (dave likes it like this a lot) so I think I need to wait it out because I KNOW I will regret it. Maybe I can get him to refresh my layers tonight and that will soothe the CHANGE CHANGE beast.

D'Rae said...

Just saw the post by Kim. I LOVE the green shorts and stripped top outfit for you!!!

I really liked the boat shirt and skirt set for me! But anyways, this is about you.... so I say that shorts outfit is a complete winner!

hillary said...

D'rae it is gonna be SO hard to pick. SO hard. I am over the moon she did it! and thank you!

Becky said...

Firstly, I love this outfit. Second, I can totally relate on the hair front. I've chopped off my hair almost every year since I was a freshman in high school. Then I'll decide I hate it and grow it out. Then I decide I hate my long hair and then I chop it again. It's a pretty vicious process, but I'm one of those "instant gratification" that's when the bob happens! I'm in grow-out mode right now and I HATE it. I think your hair looks super-cute right now, even if it's annoying to you. Have you tried up-dos? I'm a huge proponent of the up-do to combat awkward hair length.