Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can't bear to part with.

Ok don't even say it. This skirt is getting hacked. I bought this skirt in 2002. I was fresh out of school and looking for "work clothes" I fell in love with this skirt at Banana Republic and I visited often hoping it would go on sale. I finally snatched it at $45 which was a ton of money to me then. It was the last in my size and I was scared to lose it. Funnily my SIL and I bought the exact same skirt the same week and neither knew. We do that a lot, which is weird as we are so not alike at all. Well I wore it once got stuff on it and threw it in the wash without LOOKING AT THE TAG. So my new expensive skirt shrunk and didn't fit and got put away for OH 7 years. I pulled it out last night and while going through stuff to donate and I remembered it fondly and tried it on. its too big in the waist but my bum holds it up fine. Its the length that is the MAJOR ISSUE. I can't part with it so I might use the fabric for a new skirt. I am not sure hacking it would help it.

BUT it has a matching purse and its NOT from banana republic. We were at Walmart one day and dave said "hey isn't that the pattern like your skirt" and I thought huh yeah close and bought it. It is the SAME DARN PATTERN. The skirt is silk and cotton and the purse is some sort of plastic but they are the exact same. I should of held it going in same direction.

Skirt Banana Republic
Shoes Franco Sarto got from friend's dad in 2000 (see below)
Purse walmart
Shirt The sleeves are satin and shirt weird stretchy fabric Ann taylor
Earrings I made
Necklace H&M kid's section

so the shoes. My bff was wearing them one day when we were both home the summer of 2000 and I wanted them so bad they are very vintagey and at the time heels were foreign to my 22 yr old self. So she told me her dad got them at cost as his company was making Franco Sartos then. So he got me a pair for $17 bucks. I wore them to a wedding and felt so badass. Now I wear much more intense shoes but again I can't part with them. They are lilac on the inside. You can't really see the cutout on the shoes but they are subtle fun.

So in summary these two items I can't bear to part with even if they are more 22 and 24 year old me than 30 year old me.

Do you have items that don't necessarily work for the NOW you that you can't bear to part with? What is it.


Anonymous said...

a black pleated skirt.
and the most magnificent party dress. chartruese, taffeta with tulle sticking out of the bottom. Not only do I have no where to wear such a thing, it no longer fits me. Le sigh.

Becky said...

I have this adorable peach swiss dot girly blouse, and it's the only thing I own from BeBe, and it doesn't match their usually club-y aesthetic. I got it at a sale of theirs I happened upon. The thing is, it seriously only fit me for like a month. I was at the lowest weight I've ever been in the past 5 years, so now I look FAR to buxom in it, and it's pretty snug, but I LOVE it. Maybe I'll be able to fit into it again one day? This is the thought that keeps me from tossing it.

Sal said...

Hee, that is a very 90s look you've got going on, lady. ;)

I have a pair of Johnny Was LA pants that are bright red and covered in crazy-ass embroidery. I could squeeze into them ONCE, 15 pounds ago, and will never do so again. But I just can't give 'em up.

BAM said...

I still have a pair of adidas that my sister gave me. She wore them for a couple years, then gave them to me. The two of us wore them throughout highschool b/c they were super cool and made out of hemp (heehee). I still like them and drag them out at least a couple times a year. They are worn and fairly sad looking, but I'll keep them around a while longer.

Eyeliah SS said...

So cool to have these in the same fabric, and yes it must be hemmed!! I still have a lime creen striped v neck lechateau from when I was 13 - luv it.

hillary said...

thanks for the comments ladies. Sadly hemming it won't help it. The hips do WEIRD things. Someone who saw me in person today agreed that it wasn't a good fit and I should turn it into pillows for the couch which I think is a FANTASTIC idea especially since its lined in pink satiny material.