Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Attempting menswear with a skirt this time.

Ok I think this worked better in my head.
Today over at fabfindsunder50.blogspot.com was men's wear. I submitted that one as well so I felt I needed to play.

This shirt is one I should of given up long ago. I love the extreme poof princess sleeves and that its black and white gingham. The shirt itself is way too big on its own and adds lots of weight and shoved under a highwaist skirt apparently its lumpy and unflattering.Its gapping which is insance because its being pulled by the skirt. LE SUPAH SIGH

Shirt H&M
Skirt Mercan Parrel
Suspenders Dorothy's costume
Teal cami H&M
Tights no idea
Oxfords Aldo
Ring Bill and Bobs
Watch High Gear
Necklace and earrings Tiffanys. (I changed earrings after this pic. I wanted more masculine with feminine touches so I went with small earrings.
Perfume Gwen harajuku(sp?) lovers. The one that looked like her.
Makeup I used the Hello Kitty for MAC palette. I look tired in the detail pic. I am but I was looking down so you could see upper and lower lid.

Don't forget the MAC friends and family sale that is today and tomorrow. You get 25% off for putting in the coupon code SUMO. I have filled and emptied a cart at least 4 times now. Sadly I am not kidding. I am a MAC devotee. The products are high quality. They are super pigmented and they are the cheapest department store brand. Also the colors are so so true. Madonna, Dita and Gwen all use their red lipstick. Russian red supposedly was made just for Madonna on her Blonde Ambition tour.

Do you have a cosmetic or product that you are loyal to?


Sal said...

Well I, for one, ADORE this outfit. THIS is a take on menswear that I can support!

Kasmira said...

You are being way too hard on yourself! This looks great. The shirt doesn't look bad at all. I love your highwaisted skirt, suspenders, and oxfords!

hillary said...

not sure why you think I'm hard in myself. I didn't say anything hard or against myself. The shirt? It's simple fact I have bumps down my front from all the shirt details is all. I used a pic that was a bit nicer but in other I had odd nipples down my front in others . I quite like this look so yearn I wasn't being hard on myself at all!

D'Rae said...

I really like this look! It looks so cute on you!

Anonymous said...

I am so loving the suspenders!! I thrifted a pair a long while back, but have never worn them. I'm not a big fan of tucking stuff in on myself and with that suspenders just don't work!!
You look great. I love all of the manly pieces yet the completely feminine look you have created!

hillary said...

Kimberly I don't like tucking either but I tell myself since it's up high it's a dress. Keeps me from obsessing.